Telstra Adds to Its Offer The Sony Xperia T and Type in Addition to The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 of 7 and 10 Inches

We already know the main novelties of the December-January catalog of Yoigo, with the arrival of the iPhone, the new rates, the Samsung Galaxy Camera or two devices to employ the infinite 39 but still There are still more news.

On the one hand Yoigo incorporates two new smartphones Sony Sony Xperia type, the Sony Xperia T, and very different ranges, but the most surprising thing of all is the return of subsidized tablets, including two Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

First, it is obligatory to remember from now the payment by instalments and the stays in Telstra spend 18 to 24 months, except for the iPhone, which also require 24 months of stay but are paid in 23 times.

In this way Telstra incorporates the Sony Xperia T, the new flagship of Sony, available by 449 euros 89 euros in initial payment single payment more 15 euros a month for 24 months, only for customers who make portability from contract.

In a segment much more low is the Sony Xperia type, available in contract and card by 99 euros or for 29 euros in initial payment over three euros per month for 24 months for customers who carry from another company contract.

Return the tablets

The other big news in this magazine of Telstra is of the addition of two models of 3G tablets. The chosen are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 of seven inches, available only with a single payment of 249 euros, and the 10 inch version, by 339 euros or 99 euros for home and 10 euros per month for 24 months.

It is obligatory to remember that the prices of smartphones and tablets mentioned are valid for any of the current rates yoigo, except from the one, which is only offered in single SIM mode.