Summer Inspiration Ovadia &amp

We have previously demonstrated the relatively new American brand Ovadia & Sons here on Manolo. The mark as it is right now, maybe most interesting United States has to offer in your outfit was founded in 2010 by the brothers, Ariel and Shimon Ovadia in Brooklyn.

The journey has since gone in a furious fast paced for the brothers, who last year was awarded the Best New Menswear in America by GQ magazine. The brothers also have a creative responsibility for the ultra-conservative preppymärket J Press bet on a more modern interpretation of the firm’s clothing under the name J Press York Street. A new launch you could read about this on the Manolo.

Today, however, we focus on private-label Ovadia & Sons and want to show off the goodies from their summer collection give you inspiration for a more dressed-up summer. What appeals to us with just this brand is that they balance very well between design, craftsmanship and quality. Slightly simplified, so would their clothes be described as European preppy without internatskoleinfluenser. In the United States there are several brands that are very good at just preppymodet but which in many cases have only an approved quality level. When it comes to crafts and tailored silhouettes, instead usually gravitating to Italian firms. This mode may be in some cases tend to be a bit too extravagant and elaborate. Ovadia & Sons deliver clothes with a classic yet updated average stuck in really good materials and tailored fit. A result we love and feel free to follow many years ahead of when the brothers must prove that they are here to stay.

The firm has now expanded and, in addition to the NEW and hip Tokyo shops found in Frans Boone in Holland and in well-stocked online stores so that Mr. Porter and Carson Street Clothiers.