Information is part of a study conducted with more than 1000 pregnant women in several countries

Eat many snacks and cookies hinders any diet. But eating these foods during pregnancy have opposite effect in babies, causing it to be born underweight. This happensdue to acrylamide, a substance found in these foods.

The information was disclosed in a survey of the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology “, performed with more than 1000 pregnant women between 2006and 2010 in different countries such as England, Spain, Denmark, Greece and Norway and released at the end of 2012. Babies whose mothers had ingested acrylamidewere born with up to 132 grams less than the others.

The gynecologist Jose Domingos Borges, of the Hospital on July 9, in São Paulo, explains that the study has detected that acrylamide can cause an effect much like smoking during pregnancy, when there is a limitation of the growth of the baby during the prenatal period and they are born with lower weight than usual. Moreover, it canaffect the size of the baby’s head circumference. “This is a neurotoxin that is present in processed foods, biscuits, snacks, some breads, coffee etc. The recommendation is to avoid foods with this substance during pregnancy, “he says.

He also points out the fact that these information are still part only one study and that, therefore, there is a need for more research to make sure the effects. “It’s better, just in case, reduce the minimum food intake with that substance. The main recommendation is to have a balanced diet throughout pregnancy, with natural foods, avoiding processed products “, guides.

Substance in Biscuits and Snacks Make Babies Born Underweight
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