They were taking too long to adapt to the new changes in fashion from technologies. The shops online they have not only proved to be a perfect hook for customers and a source of facilities for those who don’t have one near his residence, they also therefore they get to increase the visual impact of your garments, with greater interactivity usuario-moda (which page of Zara has very got) and the possibility of seeing the garments from various angles , the different colors and of course the price and the available size. Higher quality content and more details they will translate into an increase in sales, I’m sure.

It has also served to give a complete change to its website, restructuring it and cataloguing all your clothes again. But what we are going and what most interests us: see What we offer and at what price gives it and guarantees that we have to buy online.

As it could not be otherwise, and despite the fact that many of you dudabais it, prices are kept; i.e., the same price as marked in the store is going to find at the store online, although the latter will be added to you respective shipping costs that remain in 3,95 EUR for a period of two to three days, or 5.95 euros per delivery in less than 48 hours. To pay for the clothes we should not worry. We can make it through credit and debit card, PayPal or Affinity Card for greater security of our transactions via the Internet, and if what we have bought we don’t like or is not our size, nor we should worry because changes and returns policy which maintains Zara in all its stores continues to apply to the store online; i.e., we have 30 days to return items.

The only thing asked us first of all this is register on the website where will ask us a series of personal data with which to be able to complete the form. Then will open us a screen where they explain where and how buy our garments and resolve all doubts that we have. Clear, concise and accurate. As always.

Starting Today, Zara Already Has His Own Shop Online
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