Spike! Trend Beyond Punk Style

Whether in clothing, shoes or accessories parts with spike continue with everything in 2016 and gain a more discreet and female

Is a mistake to think that spikes-or the famous studs! -rocker stuff!! The style does not lose strength even with the change of season and can be used by any woman, the most modern to the most romantic!

The spike, which means staple or nail in English, appeared in the 70 with the punk movement. Before he was seen only in clothes and boots and represented defiance and aggression, he appears on the streets completely reworked and is an absolute trend for 2016.

The spike is for everyone?
Yes! So much younger women, as the more mature can play in spike trend, since in moderation. Whether in clothing, accessories and even shoes, the only rule to use the spike is an attitude, after all, you’re not going to go unnoticed.

In 2016 spike took the streets not only in chrome version, but also in color. Thus, the studs lose that feature rock and gain a more romantic and feminine, primarily in the feet. Ideal for those who like the trend, but afraid to leave of your own style.

Worth following a few ground rules.

-More pointy Spikes are indicated for those who want to create a look more young and fun, while the smaller and chapadinhos are recommended for those who do not want to draw as much attention.

-Don’t be afraid to mix gold and silver applications, since other parts are more discreet. You want attention? Bet on gold, always!

– As the spike points out, it is best to avoid using them in parts of the body with some extra flab, like abdomen and thighs. The real standout is pushing the thumbtacks on the feet, shoulders and accessories such as handbags and wristlets

-Feet, the spike looks great in sneakers and slippers during the day and in heel peep toes at night. You just need to match these shoes with discrete parts, for the production not to be loaded. Find the look too basic? Bet on the combination spike + colored lipstick.

Where to apply the spikes?
If you are always making, why not customize that your oldest jeans shorts? Learn where to apply the spike on his clothes without making any fashion faux pas!

In his pockets: accompany the Pocket design, using so few units. Let the modern look, but without drawing too much attention, is ideal for the more discreet.

On the side: this model is perfect for those who prefer to use spike in everyday life, marrying the studs with a footprint more rock and even sport.

In the back pocket: combining with a shorts jeans shavers, the shorts with spike is an excellent piece for those who like to mix fashion and comfort. With t-shirts and sneakers (or even shoes!) the look is beautiful, light and super current.

In drawings illustrators: there are spikes of all the way: in the shape of a triangle, stars, squares … Together, forming a mosaic, they can form an image which will give a wonderful effect to your piece. Don’t know what to create? Look for a beautiful image for use as a template.

In the region: waist belts with spike complete the list of accessories that never go out of fashion. To ensure that they run the show, you can combine the piece with tops that show their bellies, like the croppeds.

Leather: as well as jeans, if you don’t want to miss, bet on application of spike in leather. Leather luster with the glossy finish makes the application visual cool and can be used not only in clothing, but accessories like handbags, necklaces, bracelets and tiaras.