Size Sewn with Mabro II

What is important to keep in mind when you let måttsy a suit and what is the big difference from readymade curtains? To finish the article size sewn series have Manolo tested Mabros made to measure service.

Model: My image of the desired costume was pretty clear. A tvåknäppt costume in a slim silhouette with a soft shoulder and Slim pants. I squinted a bit on a double-breasted, but unfortunately it only with straight shaft. It is important to point out that, even if the choice is great so you are always limited by manufacturers ‘ basic models. Be sure to choose a manufacturer that has a model you like.

Breast: Since I’m relatively narrow around the chest, we took in the jacket’s breast party one. This is a detail which can be relatively difficult to adjust the why it is very important to choose a basic model that sits relatively well from the beginning.

Sleeves and armholes: The advantage with a little rounder shoulder is that it allows a founder armholes. The sleeves were taken approximately one centimeter. A good advice Christoffer gave when you sew up their very first suit with a new manufacturer is not to sew with open buttonholes, which makes it basically impossible to adjust the length of the sleeve. Are you sure this detail, it’s easy to just ask a tailor open up afterwards.

Shaft: I’m usually very picky when it comes to kavajaxlar and there is nothing I hate more than tygöverflöd in the shoulder area.But Mabros Pro Post axis does not disappoint.

Fabric: To choose fabric was actually among the most difficult. I knew I wanted a relatively classic suit in Navy Blue. After a little Dormeuils suktat after fabrics I stuck to the end of a Super 150-fabric from Guabello in considerably more humane price range. A lightweight fabric with fine structure to carry throughout the year.

Pants: Pants were taken out 4 centimeters to sit comfortably on the hip. Still with a slim silhouette. I chose a narrower foot width of about 20 centimeters and with slightly shorter finish which lends itself well to such as monk straps.

Length: To be able to freely choose the jacket and pants length is perhaps the main argument to måttsy a garment. Underlay clothing is always tricky to adjust length. Since I am relatively tall (196 centimeters) was the jacket slightly longer.

In conclusion, I have nothing but good things to say about Christoffer who took the measurements and Mabro. The accuracy and compliance of the costume is awesome. But I would like to point out that I noticed a clear dedication to size sewn and that it would always be superior underlay clothing. As I see it, the manufacturer does not stitch properly it does not matter if the measurements are correct.