Shopping and Eating in Tenerife, Spain


When going on a trip, leave plenty of free space in your suitcase, because Tenerife is a very attractive region in terms of shopping. The fact is that the Canary Islands have the status of a Special Economic Zone, which means that prices in local stores are much lower than continental ones, and the assortment is very good.

First of all, Tenerife pleases fashionistas. Hunting for democratic brands, tourists flock to Santa Cruz. The most famous shopping centers in the capital are Carrefour, El Corte Ingles, Tres de Mayo, Meridiano. Many boutiques on the street. Caye Castillo. Check bridgat for other cities and countries as well as climate and weather in Europe.

In Las Americas, they buy more expensively – in the style of D & G and Gucci, but there are enough budget stores here. Brands are concentrated on the street. Avenida de las Americas, better known as the Golden Mile. In Costa Adeje, it is worth a look at Gran Sur and Plaza del Duque. Inexpensive pearl jewelry is sold at Tenerife Pearl.

We say “budget”, we mean – 40-50% cheaper than in Russia. It can be even cooler – the price tag is reduced by 60-90% during sales periods – from July 1 to the end of August and from January 6 to the beginning of March.

Guidebooks advise you to pay attention to inexpensive electronics. Indeed, the Tenerife MediaMarkt offers some benefit (about 10-20%), but not on all products. Indians will offer dizzying discounts on equipment, but it is better to bypass their outlets – the quality of the goods is very lame.

An excellent entertainment can be a walk through the markets where you can buy the freshest products, as well as authentic souvenirs: ceramics, embroidery, cigars, jewelry made of volcanic stone.

But gastronomic Canarian joys are best purchased in specialized stores. This, of course, is alcohol: rum, wine, liqueurs – banana and Dragon Tree Juice. Goat cheese (one of the best in the world!), As well as honey – palm or based on the pollen of plants that bloom only on the slopes of the Teide volcano and nowhere else on the planet – are willingly bought up by tourists.

You should definitely take a jar of healing cream with aloe juice with you from Tenerife.

What to try

A significant place in cooking is given to simple snacks, which once formed the basis of the diet of the Guanches, the indigenous population of Tenerife. And on the table they served “gofio” – differently prepared barley or corn flour. Today, in restaurants, this dish is found as a side dish; you should definitely try it, if only out of interest. The taste of flour is specific, but universal – “gofio” can even be added to ice cream. Another traditional dish is papas arrugadas baked potatoes. Its whole “chip” is in salt, which protrudes on the peel after the water from the pan has evaporated. Seasoning for potatoes is mojo sauce.

The main component of the first courses is meat: rabbit and goat meat. A local resident’s dinner is rarely complete without fragrant stew. Tourists really like Tenerife dried pork jamon, and chorizo ​​sausages are valued for their unusual sour taste.

Remember that Tenerife is an island, which means that seafood is presented here in abundance.

Cuisine and restaurants

Tenerife will feed a tourist with any preferences. The island is replete with restaurants with a true Canarian flavor, English and European continental cuisine is widely represented, the influence of Thai, African, Indian, Venezuelan and even Brazilian traditions is noticeable. All this variety is served separately or skillfully combined. Such an international menu does not affect the taste in any way – the food on the island is of high quality.

Tenerife has a Russian cuisine restaurant under the authentic name Marussia. In any restaurant located on the slope of a volcano, it is worth ordering a signature dish – a very wild rabbit with a very special sauce.

You can have a quick bite in a cafe for 7-10 EUR, dinner with wine for one in a good restaurant will cost 20-50 EUR.

Going on a picnic, check out the local food markets where you can buy fresh vegetables and fish.

Treatment in Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the world’s most favorable regions for recovery. This is facilitated by fresh ocean air, mild sun, mineral and thermal springs. At a minimum, stunning landscapes give an excellent rest to the eye and nerves. Treatment with warm sand of volcanic origin is considered effective. Sand has a particularly beneficial effect on the joints, it also speeds up the process of rehabilitation after fractures.

Some time ago, the healing properties of the local climate were used only by spa and wellness centers. And since 2013, local authorities have also paid attention to the opportunities for the development of medical tourism in the region. The Canaries are especially counting on Russian clients, among whom the demand for Spanish medicine is especially high.

Currently, examination and treatment on the island will cost less than on the continent. But the range of services is not wide yet. Cosmetic dermatology is actively and successfully developing in Tenerife, good reviews about dentistry and gynecological programs. A good reputation among German hemodialysis centers in Tenerife, procedures, according to reviews, are tolerated by patients easily and without consequences.

Prices for spa holidays depend on the level and the requested range of services, on average, the client pays about 25 EUR for the procedure, and 200-250 EUR per day. The cost of medical examination and treatment is based on the individual characteristics and needs of the patient. One hemodialysis procedure will cost about 200 EUR.

Eating in Tenerife, Spain