Sexy Insights in “Le Salon”

Related to the origins of the brand, which grants us agent provocateur autumn/winter collection 2014 one seductive insight in “Le Salon”: A dazzling place of abandon and the exuberance.

In a series of short clips, which shows two sexy starlets at their comings and goings between your erotic stage deposits, us presented the provocative rules of the “salons” in the most seductive way. The backdrop of the extravagantly equipped backstage area, the perfect playground offers femmes fatales, for these two to have fun with themselves as well as with each other on the best know. Inspired by the expressive, seductive lingerie by agent provocateur, are in a very short time from boys toys and suddenly nothing seems impossible!

To better understand where Sara Shotton (your name the Creative Director of agent provocateur) your inspiration for this collection and campaign has found, one must imagine the wild as too elitist party scene of the 70s. This is an extravagant world of the beautiful, the rich and the avant-garde of the time met, to bathe in Champagne and expand your horizons in all directions.

The collection is rich in real highlights: the Callahan series black leavers from elastic, lace, for example. Avery sexy Play suit is a true statement piece and series from blue silk lingerie experience the luxury class is advisable as also the cassia.

But that’s all the big words… time you take and enjoy a sexy lingerie collection that masterfully by photographer Christian Larson was staged.

What are your personal highlights? How do you find the campaign? Are you as excited as we? The comment area is open!

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