The most smartphone users ask themselves a question: Samsung or Apple? The market giant create a hype about their expensive mobile devices regularly.

Quite different WIKO: the mobile phone manufacturer with sales office in France makes understatement. You want to convince the customers with an unbeatable value for money.

But who or what is WIKO? The question is not so easily answered for the curious users. Because in Germany, hardly a man acquainted with WIKO.

WIKO doesn’t even have an entry in the German and English Wikipedia. In France, however, WIKO practically everyone knows.

That should be so now also in Germany.

Yes is’ for today ‘ scho’ Christmas?

Today was a parcel on my desk in the newsroom. Therein is the new Wiko WAX. Kindly WIKO Germany sent to a copy US.

I’m going to tear the package and discover a surprisingly lightweight Smartphone. On first impression, it is similar to an HTC one. A silver strip at the bottom of the screen finished the design.

The accessory right positively surprised me. The battery charger and headphone cables are band noodle-like, similar to those of beats headphones. So no Kabelknäul more in your pocket. My nano SIM card I can thanks to the supplied adapters, into the phone just insert and go start.

I will starting today for one week (14.07 21.07.2014) my Exchange iPhone 5 s against a Wiko WAX and test on its suitability for everyday use. How is the quality? How is the sound when listening to music? How is the quality of the photos? How does the phone with my friends? How well can I play it?

Particularly the NVIDIA Tegra CPU can hope for a good graphics.

Then there is in then here the report 7 mobile handynews to read.

WIKO WAX facts & figures

The WAX has a NVIDIA Tegra 4i QuadCore processor at 1.7 GHz with 1 GB RAM. The internal memory is only 4 GB, but can be extended to 32 GB with a microSD card.

The HD display (1280x720px) is 4.7 inches tall and is, like the iPhone 5s with Gorilla glass fitted. The camera has 5 megapixel front and rear has 8 megapixel with LED flash the camera to offer.

The mass are 140,1 x 67.5 x 8.8 mm and with a weight of just 119 g (including battery). The battery is replaceable. The WAX is the first WIKO with high speed Internet connection 4 G (LTE).

All’ for not even €210 original price.


Samsung or Apple? WIKO! Preview: Everyday Test WIKO WAX