Note 4 already all kinds of details to the public came to the hopefully soon to be released Samsung Galaxy. A large part of the technical specifications, as well as the design are already known. Now, the technology magazine Sammobile would like to have brought new software details of the fingerprint scanner in experience. The so-called Synaptics natural ID fingerprint scanner that alpha was used even in S5 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy, to get a few new features.

In a couple of weeks, it’s already happening. Then Samsung will introduce expected to officially its new Galaxy tab 4 us at IFA. Though, as so often in the prior, actually almost all details are geleaked, now further details emerge. First of all, Sammobile once confirmed the fact that the tab will have a fingerprint scanner 4. As with the Galaxy S5 and Alpha , this comes from the Synaptics. While a lot of new technologies are used. The “LiveFlex” allows for example the fingerprint scanner in different segments to divide. He is built in part on the home button, as well as in the lower part of the touchscreen.

However, the actual innovation are only the software above. As well as at the competition model HTC One Max should be now possible to create several shortcuts to applications with each finger or execute commands. Depending on which finger touches the user over the sensor, so will open another app. Also, it should be now possible to login by fingerprint on sites that support this technology. Enter ID and password being fully accounted for this type.

On 5 September, the international radio exhibition starts in Berlin. We then find out how useful these features really are and how well they work.

Samsung Galaxy Touch 4 – Fingerprint Scanner Comes With New Features [Rumor]