Under the code name of Volantis, Google is working on a nexus tablet that will most likely come on the market as HTC T1. Android police appropriate instructions have surfaced, indicating a tablet with 8, 9″ display, which comes with the final version of Android L. We want to see it before 9 October.

Actually, Google planned to set the nexus program and start the new Android silver program. However, such plans were thrown overboard. Nexus is further maintained and the nexus of 9 to be another model of the nexus series. Android police is both an image to the next nexus 9 surfaced, as also a data sheet. First concept images have surfaced as well.


Display resolution

In terms of display resolution, the upcoming nexus 9 offers a resolution of 2048 x 1440 pixels. Here you can see a slightly lower resolution than when the iPad mini 2.

Probability: 80%

Display size

The display should have a size of 8.9 inches, which would confirm the name nexus 9. Much like on the iPad will be here also on a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Probability: 90%


So that can compete for the device to other devices on the market, you will put on a fine processing. Here, commemorates HTC on the success of his ONE-series to establish and relies on an aluminium body. On the front stereo speakers to sit also already known from HTC One (M8) .

Likelihood: 40%


Rumors that the memory will be 2 GB are circulating. Recently a message showed up, a 4 GB large memory mentioned. This would be a substantial increase over other competing models. The internal memory should be either 16 or 32 GB. Until now, the nexus series offered no expansion of the store what is also respected.

Probability: 70%


In terms of camera man wants to upgrade the nexus 9. For now, the main camera with 8 to shoot MP photos, where also an optical image stabilizer to ensure that video recordings be recorded securely as free as possible. The front-facing camera to resolve with a 3 MP.

Probability: 60%


The nexus of 9 should be equipped with the revolutionary Tegra K1 processor. The 64-bit Quad-core-processor from the House of NVIDIA ensures proper power already in the NVIDIA shield Tablet and should be more efficient than the Snapdragon 805.

Probability: 90%


Like all other devices from the nexus series, nexus tablet will come with Stock Android on the market. In an unadulterated Android experience is offered, which unfortunately not offered by many manufacturers place climb sets on the market. As well, it will be one of before pointing devices for Android L. Google promises nexus users fast updates and above all an update warranty for 18 to 24 months.

Probability: 100%


The nexus 9 sounds indeed like a promising tablet that can score with a good display and quality materials. It is technically at a high level and will have also a reasonable price. With this tablet Google HTC could back successfully push into the Tablet market and Android continue to successfully market. What do you think of the HTC ‘Volantis’?


Rumors To The Nexus 9 Aka HTC T1