Recently the Altenburg (which is a brand of “bed and bath”) launched a line of towels Dry Fit, which is not geared specifically for campers and adventurers, but adequately maido fine for this audience … and we decided to try it!
The general impression is that the towel is great: soft, efficient, small and very cheap! Just to surprise us on all counts. It’s perfect for travel or camping out. Check out the details of each aspect evaluated.
The towels Dry Fit of the Altenburg are divided into 4 lines: Dolce Vita (without print), dimension (listed in waves), Trends (colored geometric shapes) and Savannah (animal skin pattern). What changes is only the pattern because the material is exactly the same. That test is the size, in green … very pretty!
Size: the towel we chose was the size “bath”. For a travel towel I considerederei the Bath size a little too big at! What causes she occupies a volume of unnecessary and have an unnecessary weight. After you purchase and view her size, regretted not buying the “Face”, which would be much more compact, but I believe not too small (personal opinion).
See the sizes:
Face: 80 cm x 50 (all lines)
Shower: 140 cm x 70 (all)
Banhão: 80 x 150 cm (only line Savannah and Trends)
Anyway, I would advise the Bath size for use in travel and don’t have as much need for reduction of weight and volume, or for those who will camp out in the cold and want the ability to wrap in towel, already for trails and crossings and is seeking total reduction of weight and volume the Face can well handle
Volume: As the fabric is thick, not to bend or curl she is super share to move. In the picture below she she is with a length of 20 cm and a diameter of 10 cm. Very compact!
Palso: Bath size weighs 340 gram, a weight similar to other towels “Billboard”. She is not noted for being much lighter, but comparing with normal (fluffy) towels, of a similar size, she is much lighter!
Fabric: the fabric of the towel is 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. It has a texture “atoalhada”, but not rough, the fabric is very, very soft. Her touch is amazing one side (which has the pattern) is like a silky curl, but super absorbent. The other side is “more curl” but also super soft.
Absorption: the big plus point of this towel is the absorption capacity. Of all the towels that already use this is that absorcer more quickly and easily with water.
Drying: the speed of drying leaves a little to be desired, but it is worth commenting that the drying time cannot be easily measured since it depends on the temperature, wind and humidity of the air. It dries faster than a normal bath towel, drying time when compared with other outdoor towels she was that it took longer to dry.
Comfort: Another positive point is the soft touch and comfortable of the towel. This is something that, for outdoor use, nor would such a big deal, but we can only quote, because the softness is amazing.
Tag: it has a tag that allows you to hold her in qualally location (if you are with a connector). But the label is not very resistant and probably wasn’t designed for this function.
Our experience: As commented before the towel is extremely soft and comfortable, but it has a downside. The towel is made with overlock without sheath, in with quality, but the problem is that the finish is not flexible like fabric. What happens is that when you go to dry the back the seam (which won’t budge as the fabric) just scraping the skin. Well, I don’t know if you know what I mean, it’s kind of hard to explain, but that is a detail, Spa does not compromise the use or anything. Quote just because it’s the only downside that we identify in product
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Product data and technical information
Brand: Altenburg
Origin: imported
Face/bath/price: 14.90/R$ Banhão R$/R$ 33.90 37.90
Colors and prints: Varied
Weight and size: Various (see above)
This product was purchased for personal use. This review presents our most genuine opiniãna on item, without qualbs infência of the mark or the shop from which you purchased. Learn more about our Reviews
We thank the friend Carla Snow, who discovered and gave us that towel!

Review of Towel Dry Fit, Altenburg
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