Pyjamas in the Street? Fashionistas Say YES!

Trend among the fashionistas, the Pajamas out of the rooms and came in weight, both on the runways, as the streets full of colors and styles. Come see!

You know those parts that we need to have in the closet because they don’t require a lot and is just dress up and go out rockin’? Yes, as well as the white race and the boyfriend pants, pajamas came to be part of this team. Do you think it’s strange? Just take a look at the world’s leading fashionistas Instagram. The classic mix pants + silk shirt – or even shorts and shirt, why not? -won first the runways and the streets, and comes full of style.

How to use your Pajamas out of the House without making any faux pas
Anything to get the first drawer pajamas and go out to work, ok? The set requires some care at the time of use and asks for shoes and accessories. Want a sample? Besides elaborate prints and flashy, you can’t miss on your look heels, boots, and earrings, scarves and colorful necklaces and anything subtle. They will give the finishing touch to the production.

In choosing the fabric, make like Victoria Beckham and Rihanna and opt for an Italian cotton pajamas, silk, jacquard, taffeta or lame. These tissues make the look cool, Rico and powerful, without taking the seriousness and your style.

How it all began
No wonder the Pajamas has become fashionable. Last new year’s Eve in Taípe, in the traditional beach of Trancoso, Kate Moss called all the spotlight for her when she paraded with a striped robe set wonderful. Can you imagine how she stood out among all the other guests wearing white? Wonderful!

Back and forth, the Pajama trend won your space in parades and Haute Couture Collections. In fact, the pyjamas became a must have so powerful that even brands targeting the clothing of sleep began to work their creations with pieces that can be used inside and outside the home, including for travel or even on the desktop.

Style Tip: not to miss, try not to “dismantle” the pajamas and wearing only your pants or shirt. The sets are the highlight of this trend and should be used as a total look. In fact, if used separately, the production can be sloppy and let you look, in fact, just woke up!