Put Yourself and Your Best Side Masterfully in Scene!

Düsseldorf on the Rhine is the new venue for the celebrity shopping Queen battle for the best outfit and €3000 donating money for a good cause. The colorful round this time with dance mouse Oti Mabuse, talk legend Margarethe Schreinemakers, TV Sairi cloud Hegenbarth and streibaren Hella mad promises a varied evening.

Guido Maria Kretschmer has again given his motto trouble. “Cleavage, legs, PO: put yourself and your best side masterfully in scene!” a concert for the celebrity is downright ladies. Occasion, style and theme are all freely, because you should expect only winner looks or something is a barrier to four hours time and €500 budget in a fashion city like Düsseldorf?

Dancer Oti Mabuse, which actually is called Otlile and can convince MOTSI Mabuse as the younger sister of cheerful person as well with her infectious laugh like hot African curves makes the beginning. Actually everything looks at her well, where should you focus only put? Probably, the decision is the biggest challenge of her shopping tour for her kessen butt / legs and bosom. No matter in what her husband is packaged Oti, Guido and the competitors on the couch are entranced. “Chocolate for everyone.” Yeah! Whether Hella finds but not so stupid at the sight of shopping?

The tour starts the dancers pair for Hallhuber, where at the end apart from the jewellery but was not the correct part to find. At guess, however, ends up only hits, Oti skirt, top, dress all with Hervé Léger experience ended her perfect curves. A pinkfarbender fit and flare shaped rock seems to make the race, moved up to the moment where the mintfarbende respiratory distress dress will take all the language and focus abruptly in the cleavage.

Otis Kabinenshow, probably until then the at home on the couch, society afford highlight for all men, will be topped performance from its Super Bowl Halftime catwalk. To Beyoncé crazy in love, the lively South African rocks the catwalk to tell Guido’s words: “DNA to perfection.”

Unusually, the motto is interpreted by TV veteran Margarethe Schreinemakers. Before it goes on tour however, it granted very private insights in her estate in Belgium, which is decorated in Artdeco style à la Margaret with very strong colors. As a good side, she sees her hair and would like to focus on the hairstyle. But how do you do that, if it presents a Gloria of Thurn and taxis-Tolle. At the same time your hairdresser to accomplish this miracle friend and shopping accompanied by Andreas. Technical outfit looking for a dress with a matching jacket style model to be Bette Midler.

After looking in Schreinemakers wardrobe, you’d expect in any case color, color, color. But it is amazing calm. In the No129 concept store in Naderi Street, the decision on a reduced black leather dress and a pale pink waterfall coat to falls sandals with Valentino rivets. Concept, thank also matching jewelry Rosé gold can be found in the boutique. Only, a few doors is geschoppt to a small paint bag in purple in on vintage.

Cloud Hegenbarth swirls on day 3 of the shops. Her wardrobe at home is a single summer fairy dresses, skirts, shorts a piece more beautiful than the other. Wolkes style security allows the competitors he fear, tremble. She also loves colors on everything and makes it therefore at the their shopping experience really RIP. The figure of the beautiful actress leaves nothing to be desired, yet are her endless legs where it expires first. Guido is not different: “She’s almost the most beautiful legs that I have ever seen.” Cloud looks hand elementary particles, where it directly finds a skin-tight jeans, which radically shortens it and can present so her legs in the second.Girlfriend Sarah cares anything about to slutty factor therefore thicker knit top set. Nomen est omen fell cloud in a colorful leather jacket with a cloud motif.

When styling, the girls lose sight of the goal. You buy no makeup but vegetables at Mr. & Mrs. Smoth. Beetroot as lipstick and Rouge substitute? To achieve an effect, the Veggie had to take girls pickled beetroot with the fresh variant no cheek red you can conjure up. Also Guido does not understand the meaning of it all: “what is wrong with this generation? Maybe they’re just. a bang”

Pick a Düsseldorf-kölsches gesamtkunstwerk as Hella mad and shopping Queen have to do anyway. Overallfan Hella sees this as: “the Allerbesonderste of this ‘shopping Queen’ is definitely that I do.” “Because I’m not playing.” Amazingly, the glance in Hellas four walls in Cologne. Overall over all. Although we know the feminist in nothing else surprising diversity and bandwidth and Hellas only handbag called Hilltrud.

A good side must also Hella set and selects their minds, their humor, their charm and their creativity. Supported by friend and costume designer hazy these pages will be used so fashion technical scene. DIY and somehow predictable at a Carnival shop! Before the optimization can start, we need a base. In the second hand attractingHella want a Brown, solid, three-piece suit. Commitment or the seller does not what does it require, is pimped and that not too close. The poorest would have had probably also need the champagne at lunchtime like Hella to digest this shopping experience. At the end, Dreamteam Hella & hazy move successfully. In the bags suit and cowboy boots to where to find the right accessories was at Kaufhof. Hat, scarf, cow and makeup are chosen with the support of the expert in record time and become part of a surprise pop on the catwalk. For itself a chocolatey Flitch like Hella says to the clutch was shop and shockt so that the other ladies.

Who has convinced Guido and the competitors of the four prominent women after four exciting days with its look, is not revealed here. Only so much, it’s a real blast sequence and very amusing to watch the whole hustle and bustle. Nor how Queen on the catwalk was run at celebrity shopping so rocked whether to crazy in love, was all song beast of burden, blurred lines or butter-until the end. Reserve the Hella von Sinnen and fashion go together, disperse themselves already on day 1 while they before the monitor skillfully parrying it considered commenting Otis shopping experience. For the time being, ends thus the current celebrity shopping Queen series and makes the Hamilton course of the revised version of barbecue. Fashion fans have to settle in the cooking show with the feminine outfits by presenter Ruth Moschner. After all, a watchable look per episode.