Good tips for those who live in Church, in the Vale do Paranhana: the store Who saw you, Who You See will be on sale with up to 70% discount on this fíndi. On Saturday, still scrolls a pocket show with singer Cris F, in addition to the launch of a special line for Oktoberfest (pictured below).

Commanded by Daniel Confortin and Natalia Bischoff, the space brings together clothes and accessories – for them and for them. -with a touch of pop culture. There, you find the nostalgic fun t-shirts for the music of the

years 1990, sneakers inspired by the Beatles and décor items with new footprint (featured in the photo). Who saw you downtown Alles Blau (RS-115), 5,630, 11 room.

Brick of bloggers

Win Ports and Ivana Rebeschini, Real Female blog, are the guests of the thrift store of Desapegos. On this Saturday, the brique scrolls in the Complex (Avenida Protásio Alves, 3839), from 12:00 to 7:00 pm, with more than 30 exhibitors between desapegos and brands. Who will also be there is the Sky Handmade to customize and give a new face to parts.

Before the party

Hello, students and brides! Next Saturday (day 10), a date promises to meet the coolest news on fashion, photography, food and, of course, many tips to plan a party with creativity. Is a Party Planner, which scrolls of 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the store The Dress Casual & Party (Luciana de Abreu Street, 179, in windmills), with free entrance. The event, a partnership with the blog Cheers, will be transferred in case of rain.

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