Playful t-Shirts Are The Face of The Spring: Learn How to Use

You know that classic that traditionally has nothing? That piece goes with everything and lift any combination more comunzinha time? The t-shirts with fun prints fit perfectly on this idea. The tailoring to the jeans, the mall to more casual dress work well with many different compositions and occasions and are comfortable. What’s better than that?!

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This season, return with full force and the summer tone: funny, extravagant, full of mixes. The bet is even more effective when we are talking of parts with prints and applications of pop icons, fun and playful references, expressions that give the perfume “comes from-sameness”

and quite cheerful colors next station around. Want to know how to adapt a t-shirt with the pattern and the sparkles high in the various environments? We help you:

Playful t-shirt + pants of tailoring Department + heavy + sandal big purse

His work does not require formality in dress? Perfect place for a t-shirt! But that doesn’t mean that the look needs to be informal or sporty. Bet on a chic combination thanks to pants of tailoring Department, which can be printed, and a heavy sandal. Tip: the accessories in Velvet, like the ones that broke up here, are another bet that you can’t miss!

Playful + t-shirt + colored pumps pencil skirt + bag transfixed

A way out after the job requires a relaxed yet elegant look, huh? Another interesting thing is the mix of t-shirt with pencil skirt, two pieces of very different personalities. To combine the classic skirt footprint, another classic: the pumps, which here is updated by the shade of green satin. A game of ups and downs, the famous hi-lo.

Playful t-shirt + skirt + pleated metallic oxford

Not every ballad dresses is made righteous. How about innovating? Join the t-shirt with other trend: metallic pleated skirt, the white shoes and a bag of patches. The result? You shine on!