Photographia: Show Celebrates The Possibilities of Photography In Fashion

Camila Maccari, Especially

You look and you see a fabric with abstract motifs. But, you get pretty close and pay attention, you might recognize the detail of a flower, resized and repeated many, many times form a new pattern. In the last two years, this was the favorite pastime of the Zero hour photographer Andrea Graiz: test the possibilities of photography, playing and experimenting in Photoshop. The photos can be reduced, mirrored, overlap-but it is exactly the same image, in repetition, a totally different design. Flowers, trees, the Manhattan Bridge or even someone looking the sunset are some of the images used by the photographer.

–The idea was to see how something can easily turn into something else, play with this new image that is formed from an old-Andrea account, which acts as a photographic reporter Social Network column.

It did not take long for the prints turn pieces of clothing that Andrea was wearing–the first of them, a shirt was made from the photo of a Cirque du Soleil in Porto Alegre. At the suggestion of a friend, she decided to go beyond the creations for their own wardrobe and got in touch with designers to take the project forward. Thus, the hobby that resulted in dozens of prints found form in the hands of 12 stylists-11 Gauchos and a paulista. The result of the partnership can be seen from September 2 at the exhibition Photo-Graphia, in Shopping Iguatemi.

Each designer chose the preferred print and, from it, has created a unique piece that will be exposed next to an enlargement of the original photo – so you can attempt to identify the image in the fabric. The stylist Victoria Seger took that detail into account in deciding which one would work.

-I found the black and white photography poetry and imagined the effect it would have on display next to the dress ready.

Among the looks-11 female and a male – are blazers, a suit and a dress in Python leather. The clothes are not for sale: are unique creations, made just for the exposure. In the end, will be delivered to partners who were involved in the project from the beginning and sponsored the production of the parts. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the charitable actions of the Volunteer Group for life.