Speed: Rather slow
At packard bell, an intel atom processor (N570, pineview) does his duty. The two computing cores (dual-core) clocks with 1.67 ghz. Already office applications and surfing on the internet bring the netbook to its limits: In the test achieved the packard bell in this area only a sufficient (note: 3.66). Applications with large footprints, such as audio, video and image editing, overwhelm the packard bell. At this point, the one-gigabyte memory limit (type: DDR3 1,333) performance. With an average four images per second is the netbook not as a game machine.

Satisfactory picture quality

Netbook-typically the screen of the packard bell with 1024 x 600 pixels on plenty of room on the desktop are not it raises therefore. The screen diagonal measures 25.6 cm (less than 10.1 inches). Scored the display with high contrast and an acceptable composition (response time: 9 milliseconds). The packard bell was sharp text, graphics and photos. Too bad: There’s only an analog VGA connector, on the is about a beamer. The bottom line, the image quality is satisfying note: 2,62.

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Three USB connectors (no USB 3.0), memory card reader, camera with microphone, network jack, and a line-in /-out connector are series. The keyboard and the mouse replacement allowed an acceptable use in the test. An optical drive; there is no lack of space via USB but leaves an external DVD /-blu-ray burner to plug. The internal hard drive is replaceable for a bigger model or a fast SSD, the RAM can be upgraded to.

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Battery and volume

With battery that weighs packard bell 1,138 grammes. For comparison: A tablet PC such as the apple ipad 2 weighs around 1.2 kilograms only 613 grams, the dell-ultrabook XPS 13. The netbook almost with very good note (1.52) passed the endurance test. Without a network connection that lasted four hours and 23 minutes when working packard bell, nearly seven hours videos would play. Tablets and ultrabooks reach but much longer battery life. At the farm, the netbook was quiet as a mouse (0.2 sone), only turned in compute-intensive applications the fan can be heard on (2,4 sone).

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Conclusion: Packard bell dot SE-052GE (LU. BUN0D: 021)

The packard bell has the same problems as other current netbooks: Tablet pcs are mobile and comfortable, and in the same price range. For the mini notebook large hard disk space as well as speak in relation to the tablet PC many connections. Are also die-hard windows user, there is no way a netbook leads to the windows 8 start. That packard bell is a netbook with satisfactory performance are equal to devices from other manufacturers.


Test conclusion: What you should know

Already office applications and surfing on the internet bring the netbook to its limits. Under normal use the battery of four and a half hours lasts and film watching even almost seven hours through. Are positive to mention the non-glare LED screen, silent, little heat, 320 but GB WD scorpio blue hard drive, well appealing keyboard, good workmanship, as well as the completely sufficient windows 7 starter version. Order this product from amazon long battery life pro counter low power USB 3.0, HDMI are missing mark of the editorial 2.77 satisfying user rating now evaluate alternative: Asus eee PC 1011PX (900A3EB36113A81E539).
Eee PC of 1011px from netbook creator of ASUS is solidly built and offers an acceptable pace. Nice inclusive free goods: Thanks to the software express gate checking your emails and share news on facebook without the windows operating system to start.


Packard Bell dot SE-052GE (LU. BUN0D: 021)