Our Site Milano: for All the Women Love the Sensual Luxury

Our site Milano is a byword for luxury from Italy for decades. For all of you which is still not a term our site, just think to the world famous attributes of the Italian luxury sector, for example, of a design which celebrated womanhood and uses only the best materials and processing techniques. This winter our site has developed a collection that embodies the authentic spirit of the Italian luxury on the most beautiful.

Let’s start with the color palette. Three color trends are clear: soft and neutral pastel shades like bright powder blue and dove grey form the first group of color, brilliant hues such as red-pink and earthy yellow second. The classic black is essential for the luxury sector and cannot be missed as a third color group of course.

The models made of silk are clear highlights of the collection. We look at the first image of the post to do so. You’d think would be beautiful in an Italian film classics gelandet..einfach, cannot be found! Both sophisticated and even noble colors appeals to women with a taste for sensual luxury right off the bat. Combining high-quality elastic silk-satin and fine leavers tip does doing your part. Shown here in elegant combination with a silk kimono is a timeless boudoir look.

Another series that has thrilled us, is decorated in a combination of earthy yellow and dove grey. Who would have ever thought that the color yellow so stylish and innovatively integrate can be in a lingerie design.

If you are looking for a true luxury lingerie, which can be easily integrated into a high fashion outfit, the exquisite black Halter bra with a very fine tip is the right choice for you. Not crying this glamorous bra after a red carpet and a Flash thunderstorm!

Let the photo campaign of one of the best luxury in the spell you brand of Italy, but forget to set list not our site Milano on your shopping. Admittedly, our site has its price, but it is a true experience that lingerie luxury be to call their own.

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