Our Site: Highlights from the H/W Collection

Our site has well prepared for the H/W his sensual collections season 2014.The our site customer are no less than 6 new series with a wide range of products, and we have picked out the highlights for you.

Looking for sexy lingerie, the transparency of the “new Experience” series offer some highlights. The series is available in the colors black and red and the slightly younger variant purple-pink. Color-coordinated accessories such as masks and necklaces complement the sexy look. For all women who want an even stronger impression, we recommend the series “Sublime Assur” in a fiery red.

In the same category falling, but in a less cluttered look, the series “Transparence Desir” offers classic black lingerie with floral lace. For all women who prefer a romantic design is the series “Bijou d ´Etoiles” in a delicate pink and can be worn during the day as well as on festlicheren occasions.

If you get more color and expressive prints in question, so the series “Effusion Bleue” and “Souvenir Inca” are recommended.

As no different from our site , various possibilities to expand the domestic boudoir with fine lingerie arise. Take the time and explore your personal favorites!

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