Our Site: Fashion and Accessories Swap

A really great platform is Our site; Here you can share fashion and accessories, sell, or give away. But the Internet exchange for stylish dress Exchange, that the heart of vintage enthusiasts beat faster, has even more to offer:

According to the concept of collaborative consumptions, Our site gives the contemporary idea of sustainable consumption through a wide social network. The idea came from Lithuania, Vilnius; Justas Janauskas, inspiration and founder, developed Our site 2008, to fight against the wasteful consumption of the throwaway society.

The two girlfriends Susanne Richter and Sophie Utikal Justas Janauskas met on a tour of Eastern Europe on the founder and were immediately impressed by the new and modern idea of a trendy dress swap.

Half a year later, and a team member, Martin Huber, rich, Our site brought the concept under the name the young creative 2009 to Germany. Nearly three years later, Our site with the idea of stylish and wallet-friendly dress Exchange success is filled with over 160,000 members and nearly 900,000 articles. The philosophy: The online community would like to counteract the waste of resources and with their project to animate, to pass on their own garments, which are no longer worn.

Collaborative consumption-against excessive consumption: A top trend in 2012 and at the latest after the bestseller “what’s mine is yours” by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers more than just a short-lived fad. Collaborative consumption is hope in times of hyper consumption and calls to use instead of owning. It comes to here the consumer not
stop, but to change their mind.

On Our site anyone can offer products for free and discover new: can felt one finds oneself in a huge wardrobe, which is filled with a wide variety of parts and styles from which you can put together his very own look, or supplement. Our site is an innovative, social and affordable alternative to conventional trading and shows work like second hand in the year 2012.

Our site is more than just a trading platform: here can be exchanged fashion lovers, share ideas, get tips and are not uncommon for real friends. The in-House Forum discusses lifestyle, eco around fashion, trends, do-it yourselfers and alternative ideas. With a community of numerous Modebloggern and researchers, the portal is the new form of social shopping.

The range of offered products is as big as the own community. Who also wants to be a part of this daily growing community, can create a free user profile. Here are no limits to the creativity. The company’s profile and product that can be individually with image and text, so every piece of clothing Gets a face and a story.

This Our site removes the rigid buyer seller schema and stimulates the creative exchange every day.There is more information about Our site , as well as on Facebook. Really a great deal!