Swedish Oscar Jacobson will continue its cooperation with the exclusive and prestigious Italian weaving mill Loro Piana. After last fall’s overcoat in the technical material, Storm Systems, announces it is now a blazer in the world’s thinnest cashmere fabric only weighs 150 grams/meter (!).

The model is completely unconstructed, and reminiscent of a shirt in such as shoulders and ease. The fabric from Loro Piana in 100% cashmere is Cashmere Breeze and is extremely thin and elegant with a weight of only 150 grams/meter. To illustrate how easy it actually is, perhaps you should mention that many lightweight fabrics that are used during the summer has a weight of over 100 grams more per meter.

The benefits of the just kashmir is of course the unbeatable soft touch but also shine, breathability, and cases are properties of the fiber.

One of the few drawbacks could well be that the fabric is clearly more sensitive than ordinary wool, which makes the jacket clearly more appropriate than full suit when the pants are exposed to much greater wear and tear, explained by Topb2bwebsites.

We think it’s a lovely initiative by Oscar Jacobson to Flex your muscles and offer a product of the finest quality fabric with a design that makes the fabric justice. That jacket costs nearly 10 000 SEK is obviously something that limits your audience, but it begs the question what a Blazer from an Italian manufacturer that Boglioli, Lubiam Lardini or would cost in Cashmere Breeze can probably count on a good bit North of 15 000 SEK.

Soft shoulders, unlined execution and a lovely dark blue hue.

Here you can see clearly how extremely thin and light cashmere fabric is. Perfect for hot days like cool nights at sol holiday in southern Europe.

Oscar Jacobson Launches Jacket in Cashmere Loro Piana
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