Earlier this week one post on the official Orkut blog warned of a change in the way social networking is the age of its members. The notice said that users Orkut revise their dates birthday so they could match the same date in other services Google. After the announcement, members of the official community on Orkut noticed a detail: who had less than 18 years could not put his true date of birth.

Members under 18 years tried to put his real age received the error message shown above. This attitude is particularly strange for a fact: in terms of Google’s social networking service , they say allow people between 13 and 18 use Orkut, provided you have permission from parents or guardians.

This means that Orkut will want to see the written consent of all members who have between 13 and 18 years before allowing them to use the social network? Unlikely. I believe it is just a programming error in the date field.

I contacted the press office of Google Brazil regarding this possible confusion, but by the time of publication of this post still no answer.

Orkut Starts to Strengthen Minimum Age for Members?