Nike Blazer Mid Id: 70’s Gone

The NIKE BLAZER MID iD now newly invented.Motto: “customize a classic of 70’s with the functionality of the 21st century!”. The NIKE Blazer appeared for the first time in 1973, and was very popular on the basketball courts due to its simple design and the wide selection of colors.

Over the years, NIKE Blazer has updated several times. This year, remembers now but back to the beginnings of NIKE and gives the coveted, original design, but with some new features on NIKEiD the Blazer:

Add the zipper: no desire to confine the high tops?Then you can now add side a zipper on NIKEiD, with which you can easily undress his Blazer. The zipper is available in various colors garish or inconspicuous.

Add Tip: the toe cap protects the toes and ensures extra durability. The toes will be pleased and the shoes last longer. Choice of material: suede upper provides durability and a classic OG look, canvas material offers breathability. A floral pattern ensures design. For the graphic prints the artist Anna-Luise Rieper is responsible.

Vintage or modern: In the original, the 1973 convinced Blazer with white material on Backtab, tongue and lining. This classic look is now available again with the Vintage White option. If someone prefers more color, there’s a matching color option. The NIKE Blazer mid iD can be assembled individually on Our site  and shipped in less than four weeks to his address.