MWC 2016 Day 3: I Had a Subway Strike Midway

Editor’s note: Emily, you must know the iG technology and / or Practical Guide , is in Barcelona, ​​Spain, to cover the MWC, one of the largest in the world technology fairs. She is sharing with us behind the scenes of the show – a very interesting point of view and rarely leaves the circles of journalists covering events like that . Read the reports of the first andsecond days.

Finally came the day that Gran Fira opened its doors to the general public of the Mobile World Congress 2016! After a hectic weekend for the main event announcements, the first day of the fair for real could not fail to be exciting.

The first emotion was waking up after two and a half sleep only. Sleep and wake up in the dark is not cool, but part of the show that is to cover a fair four hours ahead in time zone in relation to Brazil. The second emotion of the day was to go after the free bus that the organization has made available to the MWC visitors. The strike of the subway, promised to Monday and for the fourth (24), was confirmed. Although I tried to avoid comparisons with Brazil, but it was almost impossible not to wonder if we would have such agility to resolve a similar issue involving the main means of transportation for a big event.

We were lucky some bus to the fair come out well near our hotel and be easy to arrive at the meeting point. The sun had not even come out and we were on the way to Fira Gran for the press conference of Sony, scheduled at 8:30 am. According to my traveling companion, Fabrício Vitorino, the TechTudo, this is a cheap time to give lectures in the MWC. In fact, it is a plausible explanation for the slutty that is to mark an event so early – so we got together with the staff from Sony. At the entrance, thanks to photo registered in the MWC application, I could go just pointing the phone to a tower with Bluetooth connection, which was pretty cool.

In a fairly smaller booth than last year, Sony introduced quickly your news to the journalists present. Before, a curiosity: Kazuo Hirai, CEO of Sony, was the third executive from a major manufacturer to ask if we knew how many times an average smartphone user looking at the screen to see notifications etc. At least this time he did not mention the “150 times a day,” but that number multiplied by others. The reasoning, however, was the same previously done by LG and Samsung executives yesterday .

The first part of the presentation was used to show four products, three of which are still in the concept phase: the Xperia Ear, a bluetooth headset that greatly resembles the Moto Hint and should be sold soon; the wearable camera Xperia Eye; Xperia projector, an interactive projector; and the Xperia Agent, a kind of personal assistant who takes the place of decorative object.

Then stepped in the new smartphones, Xperia X, Xperia X Performance and Xperia XA. The first looks like some old model with new clothing. With intermediate Qualcomm processor (Snapdragon 615), the device is a “pre-premium” that could well be going through a Xperia Z Compact or something similar. But the Xperia X is an intermediate in essence. It stands out for presenting a slightly different design, least square and thinner, which pleased me greatly, because escapes that typical square face manufacturer. Other than that, it is worth mentioning that Sony has also adopted the “pink gold” iPhone. The third, called Xperia X Performance brings a premium processor, the Snapdragon 820 from Qualcomm, but has hardly been seen in the crowded booth of Sony.

End of releases of interest to Brazil, it was time to return to the agenda – both Alcatel prepared for me (it is common for journalists to have a fuller schedule with the company who invited them) and for my particular. I passed the Alcatel booth to check more closely the portfolio of products in 2016 and have a chat with the marketing vice president for Latin America, André Felippa on the time of French origin company now controlled by China’s TCL. Then it was time to talk to Fernando Pezzotti, another former Samsung who is now in Alcatel to help the company in its expansion, especially in Brazil, where the brand does not occupy the second position already achieved in the rest of Latin America in sales volume.

Then I ran to the tour at the Samsung booth. In addition to the news, this time it was possible to experience the 4D experience in the Gear VR, virtual reality goggles made in partnership with Oculus VR. We sat on chairs that move to see the accessory in a video 360 and in first person which is nothing more than a ride on a rollercoaster. You may find that not, but is afraid to do. My hand was sweating and I cried and laughed almost as if the real toy. Okay, Zuckerberg: maybe the future of virtual reality can be fun, even with each immersed in their own glasses.

Before returning to the stop killed the nostalgia of the food court. It’s so nice to have four cooking options and tables and comfortable chairs to lunch at MWC eventually becomes a collective event. Almost everyone is looking for someone to keep you company in this pleasant environment that is the food court of the fair. Today we went to Mediterranean cuisine, I and three colleagues, and obviously took more small plates than it should. Indeed, the great teaching of today was discovering that you can experience in one day, other cuisines (if your stomach so permitting, of course).

The post-lunch was crowded press room until it was time to go to the line of Mark Zuckerberg, who promised to steal the spotlight again one day after causing at Samsung’s press conference. First, however, had a moment of disappointment alongside colleague Luiz Mazetto, IDG Now. On our way to the press room was the stand of ZTE, where a group of dancers presented itself on a small stage for the happiness of some male participants who stopped to watch film and take photos. I will not dwell on reflection, just let registered for a woman who works covering this industry is quite uncomfortable to realize that big brands still treat us as a decorative purpose or entertaining.

Returning to Zuckerberg. The fact that the auditorium was full, but sweating heavily and slightly annoyed with the microphone that did not work, the Facebook CEO not wowed, even when he spoke of his daughter Max He approached a little of everything. Free Basics and , videos and virtual reality, nothing really that headline. Little did we know that in addition to a weak lecture would still suffer the consequences of such subway strike back to the hotel.

We formed a group of five journalists in which no one could take the lead and suggest a place for dinner. So, we follow the underground flow towards the busiest areas of the city, staying away from Fira Gran. As might be expected the seasons and the wagons were full level see or light at rush hour. Tired and without initiative, we were changing line up to get in my hotel, which decided to join the Alcatel group and dinner at Xalet de Montjuic.

It may seem drama, but the truth is that dinner is the only time we stopped work and relax a bit. Today the agenda was cinema, beautiful people and accents. I found that the gaucho accent is not the most charming, unfortunately. And it was after midnight when I arrived at the hotel with two outstanding texts. Write the early hours chatting with colleagues is also part of a cover like that of MWC 2016.