Morellato: Chic Necklace For Africa

Morellato supports the “Association of Doctors with Africa Cuamm”, which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary and aims to train new doctors and support the territories of the third world. On the occasion of the Christmas holidays Morellato presents a necklace black onyx that is part of the Bali line of the autumn winter 2010 2011, 10% of proceeds from sales of this necklace will be donated to ‘non-profit association which aims to improve the living conditions In Africa.

Morellato takes the side of human rights and as such must be equal for all, intends to defend the human right to health and expand the health service in remote and marginal areas of Africa.

The Morellato brand creates a wonderful necklace in black onyx with chain steel and decoration with crystals whites sull’anice stand out even more. The extent of the chain is 45 cm and the price is 98,00 Euros, is not economic but not prohibitive, could be a perfect Christmas gift that has a double value because in addition to being your, care and brings the best conditions life to the most desolate and poor areas of Africa according to estaterealest.

I think that might be a viable alternative to traditional gifts Christmas, at least you will make a beautiful gift that does good at the same time. Some 10% is a little ‘bit as a donation, but we hope that over the years, the azienza Morellato continue to grow and be able to donate more money.