Beatriz opted for a Boho look by combining the maxi tricot with white mini skirt more levinha.The force is to use them with leather accessories, many buckles, dark shades and(for those who want to dare) the wide-brimmed fedora hat, well molengo. A stylish inspiration to’ chill’. Think of the pastel colors as his allies to compose soft with that looks like this spring’s bossa Amy. She chose a cooler tone to the tailoring jacket complement the romanticism of the blouse with Ruffles. The incredible pumps(key of the fashionistas!) with transparencies, does”double” with the micro bag with stronger tones(very modern thiscombine, descombinando!). Arielle followed the same idea: pastel + vibrant color. Look all pink!

Leaving for the combinations in P & B, 3 looks dedicated to textures. Natasha chose a short textured leather well marked and wider modeling used with this style of strips(that has already become a classic). Hi-lo stripped and elegant. Chiara also opted for the counterpoint to your look of the day from NY Fashion Week: a  super feminine lace dress+a heavy moccasin  and a dash of humor that was striking Accessories: Keychain(with the caricature of Karl Lagerfeld in plush pop) and hat(with even bigger tab that fedora used by Beatriz).Jessie chose a very versatile dress that can be used both in a sports production as a mixture more chic, after all, to use a more elaborate clothes  doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable too.

Julie has this thing fascinating wonder mix so many basic parts and turn them into looks special. This week was no different. Teaching how to use the jeans”62″ she gave a tip:”a shirt with some stripes, pumps and a little color never fail to leave any boyfriend jeans look good… Yes, even if their own boyfriends hate” haha! Mitch, also participating in fashion week in New York, raised the camouflage pattern to a new level: combining with female parts and modern + mirrored glasses(which are very special to end a look). Jacey, as Jessie, bet on leaked and micro texture handbag with vibrant color. Interesting to note: sweatshirts may also(and should) work in a stylish combination this season–worth investing in embroidered with special fabric.

What was your favorite?

Micro Bags, Pastel Shades and Not So Basic
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