Luxury Without Excess: Check Out Wedding Dresses From 999 R$

There was a time when the idea of luxury was linked to excess. Heavy embroidery, pomp and circumstance today yield space to brides with a style more low profile, everything to do with the mild weather of spring. Casual and light, they also dispense the traditional veil and opt for flower arrangements and head accessories. The more relaxed productions make perfect match with ceremonies in the countryside, at the beach and miniweddings. Best of all: there are options at different price ranges for you to find what else combines with the wedding of your dreams – and your budget.

Direction, concept and styling: Anne Carrard

Beauty: Aline Dotto

Models: Karen Verri (Premier Models MGMT) and Lydia Dalmaso (Joy Model MGMT)

Styling Assistant: Fernanda Marin

Photography Assistant: Morgana Mazzon

Location: Chicafundó Bistrot

There are, Yes, beautiful options for those who don’t want to invest too much. This versatile model goes from the Church to the party making nice. The retro-inspired sneaker works well for brides and modern detached.

Composed of two parts that can be used separately on other occasions, the set gets a grecoromano air accompanied by Crown and contemporary jewelry made in crochet.

Clean and chic, timeless modeling dress adapts to more varied styles of add-on. Accompanied by the fascinator, he wins a vintage air.

In rustic income, the model brings one of the main trends of the season: the ruffles. With a focus on the back, wins the complement of flowers applied just below the coke.

For those who cannot do without a little color, the flowers in gradient tones give grace to income model and pure silk off white. The naturalness is the trim of the tissues, fluid and light.

Luxury without ostentation. With structured body and skirt in several layers of silk organza, the model ensures the proposed low profile same for brides who dream of a princess dress. The oversized wreath divides with the dress the role of production.

Cool and young, the duo formed by cropped blouse in income and midi skirt in tulle is a current bet, full of personality. The colored shoe ensures a production even more unique.

The Italian lace seamed with Swarovski crystals and French silk tulle can also appear in the style low profile, appearing so light, fresh and current.