Not only his jacket, trousers and shoes to make a look of Lulu Santos. The coach ofThe Voice Brazil exudes style in her appearances on the show with accessories that employ a more charm to your visual cool. Last season for this, the ties to scarves, which sagged, combined with costuming, soon fell in pleases the carioca pop singer. The scarf, while protecting the throat–essential for the musician-adds more elegance to the look more technical light, in a harmonious combination between summer and winter.

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Between the various tissues that Lulu already used in the second season of the reality, the POA silk black and white occupies the top on the list of favorites of the musician. “I use scarf when it is cold. The singer usually has it in mind to protect the throat and, of course, gives a charm on clothing too, “believes Lulu, who reveals to pay even more attention to your look when it comes to The Voice:” As in our program we have this attention for garment We did a great job of research along with Mara (Santos, costume designer of reality). See the video Above, Lulu Showing Their Scarves And Talking About Their Brooches

Music By Lulu Appoints Look Of Coach On Wednesday Hearing Blind: ‘ All Blue ‘

Despite the help of costume designer, Lulu shown well attuned to the trends of the fashion world, even on the international stage. “In Europe, the United States, in colder countries in General, people use more neckerchief, have more attention to that detail,” analyzes the coach. The musician’s favorite scarf is with him for four years and is the main element to protect the neck from the artist. “He is the rider who has led the series,” he says.

It was during the preparations for the second season of The Voice that he and Mara have opted for scarf, which already was the coach’s style for a long time. “I talked to her and we have come to the conclusion that I didn’t want to wear the tie, because it constrains the throat”, says the singer, who went on to increase the visual also with buttons. In “modern times” by Lulu, your scarves and other accessories fall “as well as the unforgettable songs of the eternal” Discoverer of the seven seas”.

Lulu Santos Coach Talks about the Scarves and Brooches
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