LLM in New Zealand Part I

Since the beauty of New Zealand became world-famous through films such as “Lord of the Rings” or “Narnia”, numerous tourists and backpackers have been drawn to the other end of the world every year. More and more students are also discovering the impressive country for themselves. This is mainly due to the good quality of the eight universities in the country. These are among the front runners in research work worldwide and offer innovative, practice-oriented study programs. This also applies to the Master of Laws (LLM).

An LLM in New Zealand is becoming increasingly popular with German lawyers, as the law state examination is often no longer sufficient for a quick and successful entry into the job market. The competition is enormous and large law firms and international commercial enterprises in particular are looking for lawyers with additional qualifications, such as an international degree.

Overview of LLM in New Zealand

According to thedressexplorer, universities in New Zealand offer international students numerous opportunities to specialize in a particular area of ​​law in an LLM degree. If you want to get started with a large law firm or an international company, it is best to choose LLM programs in the areas of international law or business law. The University of Auckland, for example, offers the internationally oriented specialization areas International and Comparative Law and Corporate and Commercial Law.

But an LLM in New Zealand is not only an option for those planning to work in a large law firm. The University of Canterbury in Christchurch offers a specialization in International Law and Politics. Of particular interest for lawyers who want to work in the diplomatic service, the military or international organizations. The University of Waikato also offers international LLM students the unique opportunity to deal with a specific regional area of ​​law in the special area Māori / Pacific and Indigenous Peoples’ Law. And whoIf you want to experience the New Zealand legal system “up close”, it is best to complete your LLM in New Zealand’s capital at Victoria University of Wellington: Parliament and the various courts are located in the immediate vicinity.

Masters types and duration of the LLM in New Zealand

The LLM in New Zealand lasts between one and two years. The duration of the study depends on the chosen program, although the universities mostly offer their LLM programs in the form of part-time studies.

As in other Masters programs in New Zealand, students can choose between a Master by Coursework and a Master by Research. In the Master of Coursework, they mainly attend seminars and courses. They have the opportunity to specialize in a field of law of their choice. Since this variant of the LLM degree in New Zealand usually only lasts one year, it is very popular with international students.

However, there is also the option of devoting yourself intensively to a research area in a Master by Research and writing a longer written thesis on it. This form of LLM takes up to two years to complete. The University of Otago only offers LLM by Research, with a wide range of research areas ranging from International Human Rights Law to International Economic Law.

At most universities, LLM students have various options and combination possibilities and can determine the research / coursework portion individually.

When is the right time to do an LLM in New Zealand?

Many students go to New Zealand before their legal clerkship to acquire a Master of Laws. This is particularly useful because the waiting time between the first state examination and the legal clerkship can be bridged optimally. In addition, with this postgraduate degree, students increase their chances of a legal clerkship in a large law firm.

However, even after the second state examination, after a few years in the profession and even after completing a doctorate, many decide to continue their education in an LLM course. Not least because this academic title guarantees additional reputation; especially if it was acquired in an English-speaking country.

Benefits of studying LLM in New Zealand

A postgraduate degree obtained in New Zealand primarily offers you an opportunity to increase your chances in the job market through an internationally recognized degree while at the same time gaining new perspectives in a fascinating country. Because anyone who deals extensively with a foreign legal system gains new perspectives on the legal system in their own country.

At the same time, you can expand your English skills to a business-ready level. After all, English is not only the world business language but also the language of international law. During your studies abroad in New Zealand, you will naturally acquire important intercultural skills that employers are increasingly demanding.

LLM in New Zealand Part I