Lilian Pacce Evaluates What’s New In Fashion And Makes Your Bets For The Season

One of the country’s authorities when it comes to fashion, the journalist Lilian Pacce is always connected in everything that happens in the universe fashion. In the following interview, the Publisher of the GNT Fashion program and site publisher that takes your name comments on the themes that have mobilized the fashion market, as the fashion shows without station set-strategy used by more and more brands and that leaves behind the Division of collections for winter and summer-and the “see now, buy now” (see now , buy now, in translation), business model that preaches the immediate sale of all that is seen on the runway right after the parade. More: point your favorites among the new designers and share your bet fashion for the season.

The fashion market today

“The more possibilities and alternatives the market can offer, the better for the consumer, who can choose where to go. Nobody is just one thing. Even the consumer of the luxury market may be charmed with anything from fast fashion, or the slow fashion, and vice versa. A consumer of fast fashion can also be enchanted with the luxury market and have no possibility, but knowing that there is – know enjoy a luxury product is very important too. I like to say that we can compare to couture with artwork: is not accessible, but be able to have access to that information and enjoy what is already very good. That’s what creates a culture of fashion. ”

Parade without station set

“It’s not a way, is an attempt yet. As a journalist and Communicator, I am very concerned, because, historically, maybe this time of transition is too complicated, especially in Brazil, where we have no memory. Let’s say that define who has no more fall/winter and spring/summer: as much as, in practice, does not exist, is a nomenclature which helps a lot. You understand the period in which it was released, the period in which it was consumed. I fear for the Elimination of the nomenclature of the seasons, because the seasons are still those, unless they change. ”

See now, buy now

“It’s a huge challenge for brands. On the one hand you lose sales if you don’t have that product available, but not everyone would be able to make that play in see now, buy now. This system comes more in order to shorten the distance between the awakening of desire and the realization of purchase: in fact, six months is a long time today (the average period between the release of a collection and the arrival in stores). At the same time, for the big brands is a gigantic challenge. It’s not a brand that sells for 10 shops in Porto Alegre. Are brands that sell for 300 stores worldwide, which depend on the customs of each country, distribution, a lot. Move in this system is very complex. So, the big brands have come to cherish these collections Cruise or Resort (intermediate collections, released in the fall and spring), which are a means of renewing the desire to fashion without waiting six months. Everyone is trying to find and how to deal with this information so immediatist of fashion and the accomplishment of the business itself. ”

How to be a fashionista in the crisis

“Creativity and awareness. At the bottom, no one needs all these clothes. In fact, nobody needs clothing, and, generally, what we have in the closet could live a long time, but we always want to have that news, updated. Have to search more, better understand your needs, find ways to update your wardrobe without fail. You need to have a greater awareness of your consumption and, for this, there’s nothing better than being well informed. You will consume safely and will consume less. Will see you don’t need five pieces, but the play X specific, that will solve your life. ”

Bet for summer

“The longest length that is settling, as the MIDI, both in skirts and dresses like in pantacourt, which is not new.”


To keep an eye

Lilian Pacce indicates the new designers worth knowing:

“Fernando Cozendey, which has a very playful, Vitorino Campos, very talented, The Paradise and Isolde. There are people who are young and are established, as Lilly Sarti, Lolitta, Patricia Bonaldi. From the South, Barbara Casasola, which has a beautiful international career, and Helen Rödel, who I am super fan. I’m going to forget names and, while reading this interview, I’m going to be upset not to have spoken. There are a lot of people, thank God. “