It seems that LG wants to recover the time lost, at least in terms of new hardware, because it reaches the IFA 2012 with new phones of large screens. The mighty Optimus G has announced yesterday and today it’s up to the continuation of the line L-Style with the Optimus L9.

With this new smartphone, which comes to sneak into the stretch of the highest range in size, rather inexpensive specifications, lengthening the line L-Style until the 4.7 inches, and a battery according to size in a sleek design.

Optimus L9, benefits moderate into 4.7 inch

It is a smartphone which, with its large screen of 4.7 inches in IPS technology unknown resolution – can rule out True HD IPS + here – and its 9.1 millimeters thick, made of this terminal, together with its streamlined design as similar to the Optimus 4 X HD, though importing the own line physical Home button.

Inside is a battery up to 2150mAh SiO +, superior even to the of Optimus G, coming to a dual-core processor at 1 GHz. This is why that this terminal can extend their autonomy considerably with respect to other offers on the same stretch.

It also has 1 GB of RAM, so we usually see in these ranges, type DDR2, and an internal memory of 4 GB. In the photographic section has, how not, with two cameras. The main one is 5 megapixels and the front for video calls, provides VGA resolution.

As for the customization of the software, find a large suite of applications and dedicated services: QTranslator, a translator with recognition using the camera; My Style Keypad, a keyboard that allows you to write horizontally without stretching hands and QMemo, a sort of the Memo’s own brand of Samsung.

Optimus L9, operating system and availability

The terminal comes out of the box with operating system Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and, conociendo updates of the company policy and seeing the hardware available, most likely not be updated newer versions of Google’s operating system.

Data are still unknown about its availability and price, although we can imagine, due to its moderate specifications, be an affordable terminal in the terms that we are handling. In any way information about this terminal will be extended during the IFA fair that unofficially kick off today gives same.

LG Optimus L9, Line L-Style Grows