LG Optimus 4 X HD Very Near Its Launch in Spain

Another heavyweight Android range It is ready upon arrival, and it seems that finally we will see in stores to the LG Optimus 4 X HD, terminal the company presented during the last Mobile World Congress 2012 to compete in the range of four nuclei.

LG flagship will be landing in the markets of the old Dominicans the coming month, and it is expected that you among the countries that come in first, is also Spain.

This new device for LG arrives accompanied by the vaunted chipset NVIDIA Tegra 3, the first in the world to the mobile market with four cores, and are ready to compete with the most powerful Android, HTC One X, Huawei Ascend D-Quad or even the recently known Samsung Galaxy SIII.

The Optimus 4 X HD also features a large display of 4.7 inch True HD IPS as a trump card, and a battery of 2,150 mAh that according to LG has improved since his presentation with SIO + technology.

We do not yet know price nor official release dates, or if any operator shall subsidize it catalogue of renewal for customers, although no doubt that as there is more information we will be attentive to bring you first-hand.

For now, we encourage you dig you a look at the comparison of the high-end Android to see where this LG Optimus will be positioned 4 X HD with respect to his rivals.