Knit, Shirt: Almost Everything Goes Well with Black Pants

Black pants is that piece that can not, can not, can not be missing at all in any woman’s wardrobe, And if you have some of different models, better yet. Well, this week, many celebrities have bet on the play on different occasions. And with complements also distinct from each other: knitting, white shirt, T-shirt, gym jackets. It’s hard to make a mistake with this wildcard, but some slips can happenAdriane Galisteu, Flavia Alessandra, Marina Ruy Barbosa, Fernanda Paes Leme, Bruna Linzmeyer, Susana Vieira and Milene Domingues were among those who wore their black trousers. Check out mistakes and successes.

Presenter Adriane Galisteu shows the essence of a basic and elegant look: white shirt, black pants with waxed appearance and black shoes. To complement, just watch a black strap and sunglasses. The texture of the pants leaves the look more sophisticated. And you do not need anything else.

Bruna Linzmeyer bet on black skinny pants with sneakers, not bothering to match a white black polka dot shirt and frilly details. The more sophisticated piece, which goes well in more social looks, was great with the sports accessories, such as tennis and big bag. Black pants always work in the wild.

Marina Ruy Barbosa is a confessed fan of tight black pants, as we showed during her trip to New York . Here she wears an opaque textured model, leather boots and gray knit sweater with flowers. Want a better combination for colder days? It’s worth copying.

Fernanda Paes Leme bet on the right black pants, matching with a T-shirt, red houselet and white flatform style shoe, to travel by plane . The set was nice, but the white shoe weighed a little in the production. The color gives the impression of enlarging the feet too much.

Milene Domingues also bet on basic tones, starting with black pants, passing the gray sweater, caramel purse and brown boot. But for the look to be more harmonic, who knows a black boot to lengthen would have been a better option.

Okay, Susana Vieira is dressed to work out, but look how those black slacks worn with the green jacket did not value the body of the 74 actress, who is in great shape. Opening the zipper would all change because it would create a vertical strip that helps lengthen.

Flávia Alessandra bets on an asymmetrical and shredded bar pants, worn with a black scarf, Gucci shirt, which became a sensation among the famous, and black bag with funny applications. To complete, jacket olive, military style. All very nice, in this mix of sophisticated with stripped.