Kim Kardashian Teaches Trick to Get Beautiful Neckline without Bra

The secret socialite Kim Kardashian is homemade and quite easy to copy. You’re going to need a lot of duct tape and patience, but the cleavage braless is beautiful, Oh, it is!

Kim Kardashian is Queen of selfies and generous necklines. Every red carpet, Kim appears in a dress sexier than the other and with impeccable silhouette, there is impossible not to ask: “How can she?

We still haven’t figured out the secret of the waist turned and perfect skinbut the own Kim revealed the formula to parade with her breasts perfectly in place, even with a generous cleavage and braless. How? The 35-year-old American announced in their social networks which saves in these situations: duct tape!

That’s right. On your official website, Kim Kardashian disclosed to their followers as 69,200,000 this tip easy and cheap to go there completely changes the appearance of your look. “I definitely had to share my secret with you! Is my secret trick to have a perfect cleavage in pictures. You need to hold the breasts so that they are standing. Give a little bit of work, but trust me, it’s worth it “.

In addition to the comment, Kim still released pictures in which poses displaying the long strips of tape that are glued ribs until the lap. And she said: “make sure you don’t have any lotion or oil in the body when you’re lifting the breasts with tape. And prepare to suffer a little time to get them “.

And then, this trick sets worth or not worth it? Would you dare to test?