Sun’s life. So soon it appears, comes with the necessary provision for the day, be it during the week or even to enjoy the Saturday and Sunday off. Sun awakens, it’s energizing, it’s light, brightness. Not for nothing, the climate of vitality change our way of wanting to dress and of course we look for more cheerful colors, lighter fabrics and fluids. The Sun has this power and the fashion shows this. So, it’s time to renew your wardrobe and bring more color to your everyday life. We give a hand with hints of looks that have everything to do with the energy of the Sun.

Multicolored prints are all about the happy days of Sun, the ethnic style is an example, but now, bringing brighter colors such as orange, green, pink and blue. The animal print incorporating other vibrant tones, in addition to the classics, are also welcome. See here.

If there’s one time of year that we can impose on clothing with floral designs is now, during the months that mark the spring and summer. The season of Sun brings with her the flowers and foliage in looks inspired by the beauty of nature. See here.

Don’t think the floral print suits only during the day in most basic patterns. Make the right choice and take the magic of flowers too for the night look. At these times, the black base gives the elegant touch to the colorful flowers. See here.

Keep An Eye On Colors and Prints That Glow In The Hottest Season