Finally it did Samsung. The first Smartphone with a metal frame was presented. That took long enough. What can however not be over: the new Samsung Smartphone is specifically aimed at iPhone buyers. It resembles a model especially the iPhone 6.

The Galaxy Alpha is a nice device. A not so large display, not so sharp, packed in an elegant metal case. That might sound even after Apple. But it is a smartphone from South Korea.

Apparently Samsung has put every effort to intercept potential buyers of the iPhone 6 even before publication of the smartphones. The alpha could be a serious alternative for all those who have so far shied away from the polycarbonate housing of the Samsung devices. Because Samsung has informed themselves about the rumors of the iPhone 6 and before the publication created a very similar device.



(We assume here all rumours so far known to the iPhone 6.)

Both smartphones equipped with a 4.7-inch display. Or small. The most top Smartphones have a screen beyond the 5-inch mark. The resolution of the Samsung device is 1280 x 720 pixels. Apple’s are probably 1704 x 960 or 828 x 1472 pixels. There, the rumor mill is not yet agreed.
Samsung could keep so the ACE up the sleeve and in a year, if the device runs smoothly, the Galaxy Alpha with “retina screen” present.

The camera, Samsung has the S5 to 16 megapixels. In the alpha is only a camera with a 12-megapixel resolution. This could be also a rapprochement with the 8-megapixel standard by Apple. With the iPhone 6, a 13-megapixel camera could be installed however.

The missing micro-SD card slot is a feature suggesting first Apple. Although when Samsung smartphones the memory always can be upgraded, Alpha is absent in the Galaxy this possibility. The iPhone 6, this will be no different.

The probably most striking thing in common: An aluminium housing. For multiple device generations,Apple relies on the noble material. Since the iPhone 5, even the rear aluminium is made. Alpha uses the Galaxy for the first time aluminium – but only for the frames. The front is still made of glass, the back polycarbonate. Also the shape of the Galaxy Alpha strongly reminiscent of the iPhone. Especially on the approaches to the iPhone 6.

In both devices, you can insert a Nano-SIM card. This is with Apple iPhone 5, standard, since. At Samsung, which is an innovation.

Also the battery of both devices could have roughly the same size. Samsung’s top models usually batteries with a size of 2,500 are mAh and more fitted. MAh at Apple until now to the 1,500. The Galaxy, Alpha has a 1,860 mAh battery. About as much as in the iPhone 6.

Both manufacturers in the high end Smartphones have integrated this feature. A fingerprint scanner. It is used to unlock of your phone and can be used in addition to unlock of other features, like for example in the AppStore / PlayStore.

Apple built into the own devices always have the latest version of the their own processors. Apple’s A7 processor inside the latest iPad, iPad mini and the iPhone. The successor to A8 is expected in the iPhone 6. This could even with over 2 GHz beats. The special feature of the iPhone: The chips are based on the 64-bit architecture. The Galaxy Alpha is another way. These do not fit Samsung. The fastest processors with clock speeds of approx. 2.5 GHz are usually used in a top Smartphone. The Galaxy Alpha has received but a chip with a 1.8 GHz clock rate. Just as fast as an iPhone?


Even if the devices appear very equal, there is this difference:

As well, unsurprisingly, Alpha Android and iPhone on the 6 runs on the Galaxy iOS. Even if Google and Apple will take over more and more features from the other operating system, the two are very different from each other system. Where are exactly the differences between Apple’s and Google’s system , must not continue are explained. But the operating system is the connection between user and device and decides on a smooth use.

Alpha and the iPhone 6 are not released even the Galaxy. Therefore, we can give even without information about the processing quality. Be expected however that the Apple Smartphone maintains the high standard during the processing. The Galaxy can assert themselves once Alpha mind.


The Galaxy Alpha is clearly designed for potential buyers of the iPhone 6. But can purchase the Samsung? Can the South Koreans of the company from Cupertino grab buyers?

I don’t believe that only through an approach of the technical specifications, a majority of Apple customers can win Samsung. A Smartphone is now more than just a phone. Factors such as quality, software and also the technical environment be taken into account at the time of purchase. Hardly a Samsung Smartphone buy who is moving in the Apple universe, only because it so much like an iPhone is and finally has a metal frame.

Samsung can build smart phones, which cost the same and have more power. We first wait until the next Galaxy S and note come from models with a metal housing. Thus, the sales even without iPhone clone should remain high enough.



Oliver Hazard Perry

Oliver Hazard Perry


Iphone 6 vs. Galaxy Alpha – The Alpha Is a Threat To Apple?