Interstate 80 in Illinois


Get started Moline
End Lansing
Length 163 mi
Length 263 km

1 East Moline

4 Sterling, Chicago

7 Colona


10 Peoria, Moline, Rock Island

19 Cambridge, Geneseo

27 Atkinson, Galva

33 Prophetstown, Kewanee

45 Sterling, Peoria

56 Princeton, Dixon

61 Hennepin, Peoria

70 Ladd, Spring Valley

73 Plank Road

75 Peru, Mendota, La Sallea

77 La Sallea

79 Normal, Bloomington, Rockford

81 Utica, La Sallea

90 De Kalb, Ottawa

93 Ottawa, Oswego

97 Marseilles

105 Seneca

112 Yorkville, Morris

116 Brisbin Road

122 Minooka

126 St. Louis, Chicago

127 Joliet, Empress Road

130 Joliet, Larkin Avenue

131 Joliet, Center Street

132 Joliet, Chicago Street

133 Joliet, Richards Street

134 Joliet, Briggs Street

137 New Lenox, Maple Street

140 Rockford

145 Frankfort, La Grange Road

148 Tinley Park, Harlem Avenue

151 Memphis, Chicago

154 Hazel Crest, Kedzie Avenue

155 Milwaukee

156 East Hazel Crest, Dixie Highway

158 East Hazel Crest, Halsted Street

160 Chicago

161 Lansing, Torrence Avenue


According to ablogtophone, Interstate 80 or I -80 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Illinois. The highway forms an east-west route through the north of the state, connecting the Mississippi River Quad City metropolitan area with the suburban area of ​​Chicagoland on the Indiana border. Interstate 80 in Illinois is 263 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-80 at I-180.

Quad Cities

Interstate 80 in Iowa forms the northern bypass of Davenport, one of the Quad Cities, two of which are in Iowa and two in Illinois. On the east side of the Quad Cities, I-80 branches south and crosses the Mississippi River via the Fred Schwengel Memorial Bridge, entering the state of Illinois. I-80 has 2×2 lanes here and forms the eastern bypass of the town of Moline. This also crosses the Rock River and crosses Interstate 88, which is the most direct route to Chicago. Southeast of Moline then follows a cloverleaf where I-80 turns into a TOTSO, through traffic has to turn off, while the main carriageway turns into theInterstate 74 to Peoria. After this, I-80 leaves the Quad Cities region.

Central Illinois

According to beautyphoon, I-80 then follows a 180-mile stretch across the fairly flat prairies of central Illinois. This is a rural route with 2×2 lanes. I-80 mainly passes through a number of small towns, such as Princeton, Peru and Ottawa. The landscape is flat and mainly consists of meadows. US 6 runs parallel to I-80 here. Just past Princeton there is an interchange with Interstate 180, a short spur to Hennepin. A little further east near Peru, a cloverleaf cloverleaf follows Interstate 39 to Bloomington and Rockford. I-80 runs parallel to the Illinois River in this area and crosses the Fox River at Ottawa.


I-80 over the Des Plaines River at Joliet.

I-80 then travels 60 kilometers south of the Chicago metropolitan area, also known as Chicagoland. I-80 opens up the town of Joliet, which also has an interchange with Interstate 55 from St. Louis. In Joliet one also crosses the Des Plaines River. Despite urbanization, I-80 through Joliet only has 2×2 lanes. East of Joliet there is an interchange with Interstate 355, after which I-80 has 2×3 lanes. The highway leads through a whole series of small suburbs that form a continuous urban area.

One then crosses three interstates in quick succession, first Interstate 57, then traffic from busy Interstate 294 merges and soon after also traffic from Interstate 94. Thus, on the stretch through the Chicago area, there are three major feeders to I-80 heading east, namely I-355, I-294, and I-94. I-80 continues to widen here, too, with 2×4 lanes from I-294 and 2×5 lanes from I-94. This section is called the Kingery Expressway. At the suburb of Lansing, the border with the state of Indiana follows, after which Interstate 80 in Indiana continues towards South Bend and Cleveland.


Northern Illinois has traditionally been a relatively dense network of important east-west connections. I-80 was planned in the US 6 corridor, but traffic between the Chicago area and the Mississippi River also served US 34, US 30, US 52 and US 20.

Construction history

The first sections of I-80 began construction about 1958, a section west of Ottawa was the first to be constructed. The section called the Kingery Expressway between I-94 in Lansing and the Indiana border was opened in 1950 and widened between 2005 and 2007. This is the oldest part of the entirety of Interstate 80. In 1958, the dual numbering system opened with I-294, as part of the Tri-State Tollway, between Hazel Crest and Lansing. The part through the countryside was built in the early 1960s, and the part between Joliet and Hazel Crest opened in 1964. In 1966 the bridge over the Mississippi at Moline opened. The entire route was completed by 1968 at the latest, making I-80 the first toll-free Interstate Highway that was completely completed.


In 2005-2007, I-80 between I-294 and the Indiana border was widened from 2×3 to 2×4 lanes, east of I-94 to 2×5 lanes. In or before the 1990s, I-80 between US 45 in Mokena and I-294 was widened from 2×2 to 2×3 lanes. On October 24, 2012, the widening of an eight-mile stretch between US 30 at New Lenox and US 45 at Mokena was completed. The highway has been widened from 2×2 to 2×3 lanes here, along the south side of the Chicago metropolitan area.

Between 2021 and 2027, a 26-kilometre stretch through Joliet has been widened to 2×3 lanes and has been completely redeveloped. The project was conducted between Ridge Road in Minooka and US 30 at New Lenox. The project cost $1.2 billion.


To the west of Joliet, congestion is unusual, traffic volumes are relatively low here. Congestion is more common due to the southern fringe of the Chicago metropolitan area, especially the busy stretch east of I-294 where heavy freight traffic is concentrated on I-80.

Connections & traffic intensities

I-80 at Morris.

I-80 at I-280 near Moline.

# destination AADT
1 East Moline 29.100
4 Sterling, Chicago 24,400
7 colona 23,500
9 23,500
10 Peoria, Moline, Rock Island 19,900
19 Cambridge, Geneseo 17,600
27 Atkinson, Galva 16,800
33 Prophetstown, Kewanee 16,400
45 Sterling, Peoria 17.100
56 Princeton, Dixon 18,600
61 Hennepin, Peoria 19,600
70 Ladd, Spring Valley 23,600
73 Plank Road 23,900
75 Peru, Mendota, La Sallea 28,300
77 La Sallea 28,300
79 Normal, Bloomington, Rockford 30,800
81 Utica, La Sallea 29,800
90 De Kalb, Ottawa 24,500
93 Ottawa, Oswego 25,700
97 Marseilles 28,100
105 Seneca 28,100
112 Yorkville, Morris 38,500
116 Brisbin Road 38,500
122 minooka 45,700
126 St. Louis, Chicago 50,400
127 Joliet, Empress Road 73,000
130 Joliet, Larkin Avenue 73,000
131 Joliet, Center Street 73,000
132 Joliet, Chicago Street 86.100
133 Joliet, Richards Street 87,200
134 Joliet, Briggs Street 75,700
137 New Lenox, Maple Street 80,000
140 Rockford 102,900
145 Frankfort, La Grange Road 122.700
148 Tinley Park, Harlem Avenue 88,500
151 Memphis, Chicago 103,200
154 Hazel Crest, Kedzie Avenue 92,000
155 Milwaukee 150,400
156 East Hazel Crest, Dixie Highway 145,400
158 East Hazel Crest, Halsted Street 150,500
160 Chicago 181,200
161 Lansing, Torrence Avenue 153,800

Interstate 80 in Illinois