In the Spotlight-MP Di Massimo Piombo

Piombo, founded at the end of the 1980s no longer predicted just a few years ago a bright future in the eyes of many. But shared views between founder Massimo Piombo and financiers about which way the mark would take put a stop to a large part of the plans. The solution would be to just over a year ago to start up MP di Massimo Piombo.

Seen from the name, it is easy to believe that this is yet another budget variant in the line, but in the case of Piombo, it is actually just the opposite. For with the collection have Piombo partnered with none other than Napoli-tailors Kiton to according to founder yourself creating “the most sophisticated small brand in the world,”. First collection under the new brand reached stores last fall and recently the brand’s upcoming fall collection for fall 2013. A large part of the design philosophy emanates from the fabrics and materials, where mark works with both hand printed French Silk Wool and cashmere from Nepal who are woven in Scotland. The idea for the brand actually occurred during one of Chiko trips to Scotland in search of the tweedtyg that his grandfather’s Jacket was made by.

It is precisely they, in many cases, unconventional tygvalen as well as a relaxed and Italian cut makes the brand interesting. Something which is not least reflected in the brand’s Spring collection. Below is a small selection.