While we prepare for the official presentation of the LG G3 -to which have left you little for teaching-, are news related to the situation of the Korean company market. They arrive from Strategy Analytics, which interestingly was not positioned LG in their latest reports.

We understand that they did not appear in the tables that had been prepared for market shares, i.e., numbers of units sold. What are talking about in this article has to do with revenue in the first quarter of the year.

LG has entered in the first quarter of the year 3.180 billion dollars, What would put it in third place among the manufacturers of phones. You can already guess that the first and second post is for Samsung and Apple, respectively.

A powerful range media and access based on Android, accompanied by a competitive high-end captained by LG G2, are the main ingredients to get the figures. It is a fact that Koreans have given a very large offer jump, with appropriate price and technology released earlier than any other competitor. The relationship with operators has also been improved significantly.

Information has appeared initially in the Middle Korean Yonhap News, but an enlargement of the same by Strategy Analytics, we hope to see the data compared with other companies.

It seems that LG will continue in this position in the second quarter of the year, with the new LG G3 on the market, and a china-based competition get to increase sales, more than revenue.

If what we want is to know its position in the ranking of units sold, we can take a look at the reports of IDC, LG appears in them as a fourth (counting all kinds of phones), with 12.3 million smartphones sold.

If We Talk about Income, LG Is The Third Manufacturer in The Beginning of Year