Perhaps the most interesting service that Google has launched in recent times, and is on its own merits, because Google Now has become one of the most important intelligent tools on the Android platform.

Service collects information that can provide us with our day-by-day, and little by little Google Now grows with more and more features. The latter will be very useful for whoever goes on holiday, because the service is already capable of knowing in which hotel we are staying to serve us related information.

On this occasion, the tool it again uses the information collected thanks to GMail, and if you find a confirmation of booking any hotel, it will keep the dates and the direction of this to offer all possible information related to our trip.

Thus, responsible for let us know so that we arrive on time at that site, inform us of things to do around the hotel, nearby events and even will guide us up if we are there and we need it.

Google has shown several examples for interacting with the information, as ask the restaurants nearby, the route to the hotel, etc. For practical purposes, it is as if Google Now automatically change the direction of our common house by the hotel, and act accordingly.

We are pleased to see how Google Now continues to advance pasito a pasito to become a personal assistant integrated in our Android, and also, the functionality is now available also for our country.

If Going on Vacation with Your Android, Google Now Will Know Which Is Your Hotel