HTC Makes Arrangements for the Taiwanese Government Smartphone

The difficulty of bringing sales to expected levels in the consumer market won’t necessarily implies an inability to make equally profitable the business of manufacture and sale of HTC smartphones. The manufacturer, in fact, is able to exploit forms of collaboration with government institutions of undoubted importance.

As reports Focus Taiwan, HTC makes arrangements for smartphone NSB (National Security Bureau), thenational security agency. The confirmation comes from the same Director General of NSB, Yang Kuo-chiang:

Since last April, encrypted HTC Smartphones have been used by the President, the Vice President and senior officials of the military and national security agencies

Smartphones, specifically, are similar to the top range HTC Butterfly, but incorporate a special chip designed for NSB with GPS functionality removed preventing tracking via the Chinese BeiDou satellite system. The Director of NSB pointed out that these smartphones are completely safe, preventing China to monitor Taiwanese smartphones through BeiDou connected apps.

The modus operandi of the Government of Taiwan is not new: the one created by HTC, in fact, is the third generation of smartphone arrangements; the first had been entrusted to Asus, according to Acer.