How to Choose the Most Appropriate Engine For Your Fishing Boat

You have left a lot to fish? How is the performance of your boat? I wonder if it’s not time to change the fishing boat motor? A good engine helps develop good speed, fuel economy, and can be a notable factor to maneuver more quickly to areas where the schools are concentrated. The engine ‘s contribution to the efficiency of the boat on your fishing, therefore, is critical. Learn how to choose the right motor for your fishing boat with the following tips.

Choose the fuel that will be used

Although more costly, diesel engines are much improved, offering greater durability and economy. In fishing boats large and not sports cars, for example, with more than 10 meters (i.e. with more than 40 ft) in length, the option must be at diesel engine, because they have more power than the gasoline engine and require less space in the tank (the gasoline would require larger tanks to keep the same performance).

See the amount of outboard motors

Generally, use only an outboard in fishing boats and tour, with dimensions of up to 26 feet. It’s cheaper, lightweight, easy installation and maintenance. However, there is only this kind of gasoline-powered engine. Above that size, is frequent the use of two outboard motors that ensure greater acceleration and speed, more savings and more security (in the case of defect in an engine, the other can take the boat, albeit slowly). They also have more expensive maintenance, as well as their prices are higher.

Choose how many times have your outboard

There are engines for fishing boat of two and four-stroke. The four-stroke to pollute less and are more economical. The of two times, with direct fuel injection, also pollute less and are economical, even offer performance equal or superior to four-stroke.

Choose between outboard or center-top lever

Although occupy little space, the outboard concentrates weight in the back of your fishing boat and this can influence negatively the performance of the vehicle. The center-top lever allows better performance, because it divides the weight better, keeping the balance of the boat. It can be diesel is more expensive and heavier, and it needs a higher power to match the outboard.

As in the case of outboard motors, the center-top lever can be used as a pair, but occupy more space – and this is a negative point for fishing boats.

Use the information about where you go fishing waters

If fish in sheltered waters of river or sea, we recommend the use of an outboard or electric 15 HP for your fishing boat. If you are fishing in the open sea, usually in boats over 26 feet, choose two outboard motors or two center-top lever with 150 HP of power at least.

Review the types of transmission shafts

The online stream is usually employed in fishing boats up to 30 feet with one or two motors Centre-top lever. Is the chicken foot, cheaper, but it takes up more space. The V-drive transmission, the engine is at the stern, bow facing, forming a V, he is easy to maintain, but does not offer good stability.

What kind of engine you use in your fishing boat? Uses single or more than one engine? Like our tips to choose the most suitable for your fishing trip? Share your opinion with us!