Homes for Mew Year’s Eve

Forget the difficulties, here are eight homes for the new year that will surely meet the requirements of the whole group.

Homes for Mew Year's Eve

There are those who prefer a big party on the street, you prefer the a option more and more sophisticated in a hotel, and even those that prefer just a big house to put all the friends on the night of the end of the year.

Was thinking about these last few that we selected houses for the passage of the year from the north to the south of the country.

You can rent for the nights that we understand and try to include all friends, family, and people that are important for this moment.

What really matters is that you have fun and enjoy the biggest party of the year: whether at Gerês, in Nazareth or in Albufeira.

The selection is made, just need to make the final choice.

But if the where continues to raise doubts, you can check out some suggestions for the new year that will help you decide.



The invicta is always an option to consider, not least by the amazing sites and the unique landscapes which offers us on the Douro.

Is to a version that is more calm in the home between friends, either to go to the party by the city, there are always homes for the new year available. Like this for example.



It is one of sites the most amazing country that can have a new year’s eve worthy of a recall to life.

This house in Gerês is the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle and stress of day-to-day and enjoy a few quiet days and fun among friends with the backdrop of stunning landscapes.


The dream of many surfers is a new year’s eve truly rich in animation. The nights in Ericeira are cold, but, even so, the final party of the year loses the impact and the dimension that it has.

Concerts and DJ’s throughout the night are immediately guaranteed, as well as the fireworks display to welcome in the new year and, of course, many people wanting to enjoy the party.

If Ericeira is your choice to complete 2016, this home for the new year’s eve is an excellent option.


More a paradise for surfers and especially for those who want to give input in 2017 with some beautiful waves.

Peniche is one of the best sites for this, in addition to the fantastic evening and the bars endless offers, and therefore could not be included in this selection of houses for the new year.


If the capital is the choice, you have several options of what to do for a good new year’s eve. From the Casino of Lisbon, the Terreiro do Paço always with concerts to liven up the audience, passing by the Casino of Estoril, passing by several parties in the nightclubs, the ideas there are for all tastes.

If you choose to stay close to the capital, but with the right to a nice rest away from the confusion after the party, then one of the options of the home for the new year is this.


On the other side of the bridge, has a true paradise to end the year. This house ensures a true night of celebration away from the great confusion of the city.

But, if you prefer to give a jump to some, has always Carlão to act in Cacilhas.


This is probably one of the greatest classics in the country to make the final party of the year. With a huge party happening, and with a night life to envy to the great majority of the other sites, Albufeira continues to be a destination for a lot of people.

Therefore we suggest a home for the new year to rent here. This option is perfect for the whole group of friends.


A little bit further away from the centre of the confusion, but still an idea very nice for this final party of the year.

In Armação de Pêra you can find several houses for the passage of a year, such as this, where it can join all the friends and make the most of the night.