Holidays in Gravatall

Holidays in Gravesend. My husband too was. I had not yet gone.

In the last days of June we went on a family vacation to the baths of Gravesend, in Santa Catarina. By car, with my husband, we had a great ride out of Piratini, RS, to 1:00 in the morning and arriving shortly after lunch in Gravesend, SC. we stopped for coffee in Maquiné of Osório, on the North coast of Rio, and lunch in dark, on the South coast of Santa Catarina. Also stop to see outlets of clothes and shoes, obvious. And, to show that we’re flesh and blood, we stopped too because in the middle of the night, got a flat tire. Solved the problem, keep moving, with the grace of God.

In the Hotel Spa international Gravatal, we set up in our room and we went for a walk through the beautiful nature of the place before we went to the baths of hydromassage with thermal water with the kids. On Friday, the children stayed with the recreationists, and then we went to the indoor pool because while not cold for southern standards, was not the warmth of summer. Then, I left the kids with my husband and I spent 1 hour and a half in a masseuse at the hotel, before the delicious dinner.

We went from a Thursday to a Saturday hosted and it was a very good experience. Great food, attentive staff and a kids friendly place.

Check out some photos from the first day of our vacation in Gravesend, with my look with jackboot of Sri Booz and suede jacket with wool of SheIn. With he used a beautiful orange sweater and riding pants.

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