High-Tech Bra from Japan Helps to Find True Love

The Japanese lingerie label “Ravijour” has developed a so-called smart brawhich can be opened only when the wearer is really in love. Like a chastity belt in the age of social media, the BRA remains closed most of the time.So he prevents that men who are not the great love, too far venture. But if the right person on the scene, he opens automatically and releases the way.

True love measurable?

The State of love is measurable. Because the fall in love evokes a special feeling of excitement, which is similar to any other. In this situation, the heart beats faster, because the body produces adrenaline and cortisol increased. A sensor which is built into the BRA calculate the heart rate and sends it via Bluetooth to a specific Smartphone app. The heart rate is evaluated using the app. If it exceeds a certain value, it’s true love and the BRA clasp opens.

Because there is not to buy these technically sophisticated laundering and unfortunately is not yet fixed, when it comes to the market, they must rely on other beautyproducts. Fortunately, many more offers related to beauty and fashion, if not too technically ingenious in many places available.

According to the manufacturer “Ravijour”, the previous bra was just a piece of clothing, whereas the novel smart bra is a friend of the woman, which protects them from wrong acquaintances and helps her to find the right one.
Here arises the question whether this new high-tech bra is also the friend of the woman when he opens by itself, because she must run to the bus stop, not to miss the bus. It’s certainly not pleasing, if in the cinema during an exciting thriller, the BRA jumps up. In particular, it is not advisable to wear this garment at a job interview.