With more than four million people looking for a job and a submerged as the Spanish economy it was matter of time that should the app for the layers and punctual work. It is called Heygo, a name that perhaps you sounds of something else, and is a quick way of contract between individuals based on location.

Now that people fear has been removed to personally do business with applications, trading as Wallapop or second hand reaches the moment of giving a character a little more professional, but without the formality that have employment apps like yellow pages.

The new Heygo

Only Heygo app takes two months on Google Play and the App Store but, according to its creators, it’s been of the 140,000 users. Most have been to find someone that you find it useful, because you have less than half of services created, about 60,000. Each user is free to create those who considers necessary, by a couple of passes that already I have encountered some flood, nor too.

While presented as a space for professionals, the only filter to distinguish between those who are qualified to perform a job and those who offered to do something without preparation, whether or not simple, are the comments that other users who have contracted it before stop.

In my first search Uncategorized and only proximity in a working-class neighborhood of Madrid, what you find is many young people in search of removed one bit of money walking dogs, caring for children, giving private lessons, teaching to apply makeup, deleting viruses and one Windows any toolbars, or simply doing “errands”.

The real utility is getting to the point with what you need, and for that relies on a number of categories such as repairs, transport and welfare and, especially, in a search engine. Once introduced a concept presents an ever-growing list of people who offer this activity, ordered by geolocation. As you go down a marker designates the distance in kilometers by blocks.

Profiles are simple and direct, with a brief description, name, profession, price and photo always present, more two contact buttons, either chat or phone call. andl design is very good because it conveys a lot of information in a small space, is very fluid, and facilitates the Exchange, No one sticks. It also offers the option to save Favorites.

The point of view of professional

To give a little more realism to this test I decided to create me a profile. Editor / community manager, of course. All that you ask are those data you see on the tabs of others, your phone number to let you contact and access to your photo gallery and your location to complete those two fields of your profile. Others don’t see your exact address, only a blurry glimpse of your area in Google Maps.

The personal account is actually exactly identical because you’ve signed up for one thing or the other, since you can only access the information from others if you create you an account. A chat button in which check the conversations you’ve had previously appears next to your data and Favorites.

Number of options and content Heygo is much simpler than applications for the sale or the stores most popular professionals search.

Collaborative economics? Underground economy

Its creators promote Heygo as a tool for collaborative economy for what that connects ordinary people make economic exchanges. But much less, if anything can say it is a tool that promotes what is known as trade in proximity, something that is positive because it helps neighborhoods and towns to settle.

The entire use of the application It’s completely free. Nor is charged by the registry as professional or as a client, nor is paid a percentage of revenues that are on the way, and finally, There is nothing advertising. At the moment the company is maintained by another type of financing as rounds of capital.

Heygo has future both for the concept of their proposal form which been executed, by its design. Their greatest enemy will be the flood of non-professional profiles and low utility in search of a minimum income which can eventually saturate the search engine results. But for that there are solutions that we have seen in other cases as the score.

They are just two months on Google Play, we’ll see where it is able to get.


  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Heygo
  • Download: Google Play
  • Android version: 4.0 and above
Heygo, a Wallapop for Groundwater and Simple Works