On Tuesday the 09.09.2014 at 19: 00 BST the keynote with the new will be presented at a press conference iPhone 6. Apple relies on two different-sized models. The smaller with 4.7-inch display and the larger with 5.5 inch display. Launch is planned for the 19.09.2014.

The cat is out of the bag. The usually well-informed Techblog recode reported the publication of iPhone 6 to the 09.09 Thus remains true to Apple of its line, because two years ago that was on the 11.09.2012 of the iPhone 5 and the 10.09.2013 iPhone 5 s / presented 5c.

When can I buy it?

Accordingly expect high the day of the commercial launch. As the iPhone 5 in the 21.09.12 and the iPhone 5 s/ 5 c came to the 20.09.13 in stores, it is only logical that the first owner will take iPhone 6 on the 19.09.2014. The launch was traditionally always on a Friday. The efforts of Telekom, which commissioned his call center to move its existing customers to contract extensions with the iPhone 6 is another indication. End of may unofficial documents of while Telekom gave above 19.09.2014 as date.

Which version should I use?

Apple finally abandoned its small display. With the two new versions, Apple is following the trend of the competition. You can compare the HTC One M8 and the 5.5 inch version the size of the display with 4.7 inch version with the LG G3 . Both versions not equal to much will probably cost. The 5.5 inch version might be more expensive.

Is the iPhone 6 a success?

The iPhone 6 launch global expectations are huge. Last year the iPhone 5 s/5 c broke all records with 9 million units sold over the first weekend of sales. This brand should strongly be surpassed if possible. Among them, not to endanger the currently very good share price on Wall Street.

A look at the graph shows that Apple in the NASDAQ with currently about $95 before 2012 is his best mark of fall short (then launch iPhone 5) to crack.

An analysis of Bank Morgan Stanley holds a sales increase of 20% over the previous year’s release of the iPhone 5 conceivable by the iPhone 6 release. For fiscal year 200 million sold units should be realistic.

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Here Is The Thing: On The 09.09.2014 Apple Unveils The Iphone 6