Happy Sunday vs. November Rain

The new video of Molinari delivers again a whole load of Styleinfos from the fashionhotspot Rome: fashion fair, vintage, the hippest labels, the next big thing – here the main facts to talk with:

First of all, the WE.time by Molinari on the Happy Sunday Market, which takes place once a month in Rome scene district Pietralata leads us. The name alone says quite a bit about the happening. The fashion fair is not as glamorous as their big sisters in Paris, New York and Berlin, is this to
much more than a fashion fair: not for nothing the entire Bella Italia takes place-which means that it is not only about fashion, but also to good food, good wine, Sun, parties and just about with friends and peers , creative geniuses and talents to have a good time in a chilligen, creative atmosphere.

And here comes the inspiration for the talent factory, where the Roman creative minds and hipster depend, much further from the North, from Berlin. The trendy fashion market in Rome, namely according to HSM founder Marco Di Lullo is original inspired by the bread & butter fashion fair, which is held twice a year since 2009 in Berlin-Tempelhof. Also di Lullos of current favorite designer Kilian Kerner, whose mode fascinated by portable elegance comes from there.

Also fire hot commodity, however long no longer a secret tip, is the fashion label black button, founded in 2010 by Giorgia Fuzio, Marta Mattioli and Beatrice Armellini. If you don’t know the unconventional, totally hip young Romans fashion of the three Italians, should now stick to Merk asterisk in the notebook or just look at www.blackbutton.it pass.

And where to buy a the girls of black button prefer, if they are in Berlin? It attracts the three fashionistas to the weekday store which opened in 2010 in Prenzlauer Berg.

If one is ever online, by the way, even on the facebook page of WE.time is worth, there is to win three T-Shirts from black button!

All in all there again lots of suggestions in the new video by Molinari, make the desire to jump on the next plane to Rome. After all, how could you escape better threat dank autumn weather than with a visit to the next happy Sunday market in November in Italy?