Hancock-the Gas Station Is Here to Stay

Spring shines even with his absence and it feels far to choose a thin raincoat in the slopes. It may soon be time to replace your winter outerwear for a thinner variant. Why not combine an attractive design with a very practical function?Relatively recently, the Macintosh had competition from the producer Thomas Hancock, or Hancock that they choose to call themselves.

Companyt focuses on rainproof outerwear and a few accessories of similar quality as the Macintosh does. The name Thomas Hancock comes from that it was precisely Thomas Hancock as around 1819 began experimenting with rubberiserade textile materials. He was also a pioneer when it came to the development of elastic materials for use in the apparel industry. Around 1825 began Hancock work with Charles Macintosh to develop material. Historically, it is also interesting that on 21 november 1843 Hancock got a patent for vulcanization of rubber using sulphur, this 8 weeks for Charles Goodyear of the United States.

All Hancock’s clothes today are hand made in their own factory in Scotland. They are employed by several generations of experience of rock production with this type of material.

What makes this brand some extra interesting is their innovation. They have a classic product manufactured according to artisanal methods by hand, but the design is very modern. They collaborate each season with young interesting designers who are studying art and design at Scottish universities. The brand’s silhouette is clean and relatively narrow and the garments feature luxurious details such as cashmere and silk. The firm themselves describe their style and profile as a Modern Heritage.

They are currently sold in a few select stores around the world, including the Anthem and Matches in London, Flannels, Manchester, Barneys and h. w. Carter & Sons in New York and United Arrows in Tokyo.